1. A's serious business

    So I just had my license ran though the police system for the first time today while at the park. A friend of mine was joking with me about drugs.. "No m'am, I told you, I'm all out of coke...all I have left is some stolen dvds and a little bit of acid!" A lady was walking by and...
  2. Jakut

    Puu, i'm back in business -.-

    After sorting out some windows problems, i'm back to doing siggy stuff. Just look at my current sig >_> Probably gonna add some stuff, like an amaterasu like Jakut sign but for now, too lazy -.-
  3. C

    RedSaiyan is back in business!

    for those of you who may not already know, Redsaiyan back in the day used to be THE best source of files for any dragonballz Mod around. Redsaiyan died, and it was taken over and will be indeed making a comeback, please sign up for the forums and help us on our quest to be BETTER than before...
  4. M

    OMG! SOS is back in business..

    Finaly SoS is back in busines... Long time thx god i had ESF othrevise i had to wait for SoS.. Link removed. Bad.. bad bad. Don't advertise! Ryoko finaly new Coders... in SoS.. thats all... and BTW tell me guys what u think Of SoS... Well my opinion is that it is the not good...
  5. S

    Dakd plz read!

    Dakd have u relised your android 17 yet?? because i have been looking for a long time plz msg me to tell me if u have or not or if some one can tell me if there is one already out ! thx
  6. Eon

    Mindin my own business when...

    Today I was sittin at school and we got reports of a bomb threat in our school area, pretty dumb to see anyone that would call the police station and tell them that, and the school system is stupid, they say how it would be safer to NOT evacuate the is that safer?!:shocked:
  7. Ryoko

    Ryoko in a bikini

    More Ryoko \o/ Sensible comments only please.