1. SuBMix

    Help how i can burn Dragon ball Z budokai tenkaichi 2

    Help how i can burn Dragon ball Z budokai tenkaichi 2 in what a format must i burn it {img} file ? please help i wonnt to play this game on PS2 PLS
  2. E

    swoop burn

    after playing on a map which had glass enclosers( buildings with glass windows) i thought that if there was a vary small amount of damage that was applyed when vary close to a swooping player it would be vary easy to say swoop through a window and have it break apart as you hit it. just have the...
  3. T

    Burn You Mofo!!! BURN!

    Ok so I have some videos I would like to burn onto a dvd+r so I can view them on my ps2. The problem is the video is in avi format, and my burning program(Nero version6) doesn't accept that format. Another member said that I could burn my video in data format instead of video format but I'm not...
  4. Soulicro

    Match #3 - Kuwabara vs. Metal Burn

    Friendly reminder of them rules: 1. The sig size does not matter, but it must be under the forum's rules max (600 x 200) 2. This isnt limited to Photoshop. You can use other programs. However, when posting the sig, please specify which programs you used. 3. You have up to 3 days to post...
  5. Ryoko

    Fire! I teach you to burn!

    1 2 3 I made a fire sig! Which one do you like best and why?
  6. ultrassj_vegeta

    new 3d abstract

    c and c if poss.. thnx :) laterz -jez edit:.. and before other people start commenting on the text... its a logo i put there :D... its like my tag or something... yeah i think thats the right word?... thnx
  7. H

    Gohan with cape!

    K here's another small edit....not much just fixed the hair and kinda rescaled and changed some stuff on the cape... PICCIE: Credits: ESF Team - For the Gohan model S-Bolt - For Piccolo with cape
  8. Pommy


    i made a picture with my eye <img src=http://members.cox.net/pommy/pommy/artwork/eye.jpg>
  9. X


    I was just wondering why it isn't in beta 1.1. Isn't it supposed to be an official map?
  10. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Ultimate SSJ4

    Well i have made (not completely) aSSJ Goku Its badass I need Sin (Sin Goku) to assigne the bones , because i suck at that Anyways heres the pic Credit to AZN - arms , legs Real modeler of goku - body Tell me what do you think? :laff:
  11. SSJ n00b


    with what program i make folds to skins give dl link
  12. A

    My latests.. thing..

    I was just playing around last night because I was board. Made this: Crtiz
  13. F

    can anyone make a map that.....

    can anyone make a map compared to hell that will have like lava tunels and a battle arena under the lave and if u break the walls lava will flow in the battle arena and it will raw as hell people will be fighting in it all the time cuz it will be raw as hell just do it (don`t ask me):idea...
  14. A

    my models are the best

    hey check out my pics let me know wut u think maybe ill let peeps download them judgeing on how everyone likes them:D:devgrin:
  15. S

    i feel so bad........

    dont ask me why i made it. i asked every person i know what their favorite cartoon was that was anime, and every one said "everything". so i just cooked this up .. :S i got bored... *edit maybe some girl who browses these forums might like it ... you can have it, i dont care...
  16. S

    CAn i burn songs off kazaa

    hey i was wondering if i can just download songs on kazaa and burn them on cd or do i have to convert them too mp3 files (which i dont know how) and burn them on the cd???
  17. B

    Goku drawing

    I was kinda bored this weekend so i drew a pretty cool pic of goku in Photoshop, i made it big enough for a wallpaper if u want to use it as one http://home.fuse.net/teuschlr/Goku1.gif Comments Welcome, Enjoy
  18. FreeDoM

    Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn

    Indeed it is...
  19. S

    Whats Wrong Krillin?

    I got bored [Once Again] So I found a Coloring book online and decided to color it in... Obviously the character I'm coloring in is Krillin :D Theres still alot of work to be done! But so far I think its good.. OH YA! And before I forget, Thank you soooo much Masta for giving me ideas :D!
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