1. Growler


    Started this project this morning, what you think? -edit whoops... I put the eyebrow beneath the brow :p Fixing now. -edit again fixed**
  2. Growler

    Brolli- Power Supressed Reference

    I got the front done, and now I am workin on the side. C+C? Anyway... do you guys like the colored or non-colored version? I'm going to be making a model off of this, so critique it so I don't **** the model up.
  3. TeKNiK


    Meh, Yet another model for BTL. Model's pretty much done started and finished it today Polycount is 1904 triangles. Comment's appreciated.
  4. Diablos

    Brolli Fanart (you know why).

    Yup, i've been playing some ESF with the awesome Brolli pack by GodGundam (and everyone else who helped of course), and i was inspired to do a brolli piece of my own :) Here's the rough draft, sketched up most of the major areas (but im not going to do a full body, i'm too lazy :P). The face...
  5. God Gundam

    Brolli Release Thread !!!

    :shocked: Well after several delays, we finally have the maps done and have released on ESF-World. Thanks goes to DJ Ready as Max2 wouldnt have been available till monday. You can get the pack here - This pack was made...
  6. Kyo

    New Brolli Sig i made

    i like it tell me what u guys think? {Edit i made this in like 8 minutes So be gentle}
  7. Wolf Devil

    Brolli Jewelery

    My mind came up with a random thought while editing a Brolli picture's colors: what do you think happened to Brolli's jewelry when he transformed? Do you think they were incinerated off by his power, or just popped off from the bulging muscles, or some other reason? If for another reason, what...
  8. SSJ Toast

    Brolli Reskin W.I.P

    Brolli Reskin Release *scroll down for link* well i have tried skinning in the past and i stunk at it, but now just experimenting i managed to create some half decent stuff, torso and head and hair is skinned still have to do the clothes, iam trying to go for a realistic look, crits and...
  9. D


    1. is it brolly or brolli? 2. is it pronounced brawl-e or bro-li
  10. E


    Could some one make me a brolli as i like him soo much
  11. M


    Hey could someone tell me where I can get a good Brolli model? Thanks.
  12. Sliq

    Brolli Sound Pack

    Anyone know where I can find the Brolli Sound Pack, Yes I know many threads have been made about this but I never seem to find anyone with the link to the DL or anyone willing to send it out.
  13. nemecj05

    Map resquest Brolli...

    I think someone should make the final battle scene from the firdst brolli movie where goku and brolli are fightin, or even better would be the city in the first brolli movie that would totally own! if someone could mabey make this map ASAP i woul LOVE IT!!
  14. D

    Brolli in DBGT?

    Me and my friend are having an argument. I say Brolli isn't in DBGT, he says yes. I've seen all of DBGT, he hasn't seen any, yet hes trying to argue with me LOL. So just so he can know the truth, is Brolli in DBGT?
  15. S

    Does anyone have a pic of brolli for the VGU menu?

    I was wandering if anyone has a picture of brolli for the VGU menu because i have a good brolly model but i have a cell pic for it and it SUCKS!!!! If u can give me a link or send it to me my e-mail is [email protected] If u don't can u mayby make one PLEASE!!!!! Thanks..
  16. S

    Does anyone have a pic of brolli for the VGU menu?

    Does anyone have a pic of brolli for the VGU menu?? P.S- it cant be any picture it only uses one kind of picture software.. .. or can u give me a link to a place that has one.. thanks
  17. U

    new character (Brolli)

    ESF modler plz make a brolli class..... and the transformation should be ultimate super saiyin because ssj brolli looks wimpy. thx from a big fan.
  18. VenemoSo

    Need a Brolli Soundpack

    Sup Yall...i downloaded tha brolli model..and i try da site on da read me..shiss..and tha thing dont work...soooo...i wonder if anyone of yall..can help me find dat soundpack..Thx..Peace
  19. Z

    nuttzy and shijing's brolli

    when killmore got the thread closed, did that mean shijing and nuttzy were never to release that brolli ever again?
  20. Nuttzy

    brolly WIP

    well its not much to crit at the moment but im not really rquesting crits, im looking for for help with the head, im sure i can manage the rest, but modelling 3d anime hair isnt a cake walk for me, im not sure if this will be released outside of the people helping me with it, (its up to them and...