spirit boom :devsmile:

    i have an idea how about the small spirit boom blows you up and then lifts you in the air like when goku give his spirit boom to krilin and then attacked vegeta think about it its the original small spirit boom ??? :yes::yes::yes:
  2. SS4 Gogeta

    NASA Finds The Baby Boom Galaxy
  3. Jariroth

    Big boom???

    I was a few minutes ago walking out our dog. We were at the backyard of our house and suddenly i heard a massive sound of explosion or somesort. I instictely looked around myself while still half-crouched on the ground. After that i ran around our yard to see if anything nearby had exploded, but...
  4. vegetafan


    okay so i was playing esf 1.2.3 and there was this noob he kept asking me how to play. I changed my model to frieza for the laserbeam attack and as you can read by the title.... BOOM HEADSHOT! he got so mad and he didnt know how to kick people so he was looking for it in the console. As...
  5. Tsunami

    GeForce 8800: Here Comes the DX10 Boom all I can say is......DAAAYYUM!
  6. Jariroth

    Signature/Avatar Boom!

    Which Cuisine, rains Supreme! (Lame Iron chef spoof) I had this urge to make simple signatures with matching avatars, what more is there to tell? By simple i mean i really didn't use more than 10 minutes to any of them(hardly any of them has background or anything). But i really just want you to...
  7. Suh Dude

    Boom you're dead?

    C&C. I remember someone using the same stock here like along time ago so I used it and I got something nice out of it. :scared:
  8. bapplebo

    Boom! Headshot!
  9. S


    Your about to die and you think back on your life. What do you wish you had done in your life that you never got the chance or ever made time to do?
  10. Enforcer ICE

    Final Flash Picture...go boom...

    Thats how I ended my session today :)
  11. ssjFajita

    Beams don't always go boom.......

    In the show when someone uses a beam attack it doesn't always make a huge blast radius. Sometimes it is annoying becuse I would like to be able to sneak up on someone and unload a fully charged attack without the risk of getting burned by its blast radius. There should be an option whether u...
  12. C

    Cell go boom!!!!!

    I doubt they would use this idea but wouldn't it be cool if cell can selfdestruct like when goku took him to kingkai?? It would be cool!!!! But how the heck do you make him swell up if it can be done gr8 if not 2 bad!
  13. G

    can you say BOOM?

    ok, i origanaly had this as a sugestion for something you already have, anyways, instead i sugest changing vegetas ki blast move, instead of charging up replacing one of the ki blast modes (for the generic ball one) he should have his own special, like he tried to use on gohan, that, when...
  14. Pain

    beam boom poof?

    ive never seen a character in dbz prematurly detonate a blast. i think a better idea would be for right-click to detatch the beam. so u can still get off of the attack when u need to, but at least now it will atcualy take some sort of effort to hit a target with a blast.
  15. OubliezJe


    I think in the upcomgin modifacations that like when someone hits someone while there blocked that instead of a small flash coming from it the more powerful u get the stronger the flashes are?
  16. TimTheEnchantor

    Boom boom, new site!

    LiqueFaction Version 1. LiqueFaction Sig for useless response:
  17. Optional

    esf go BOOM

    well, i havent played esf in a week so i decided to play a little. i selected to join a game and i got as far as "connection accepted" and then it would crash. i would get "hl.exe has gotten an error" or something like that and i have to close it...i even tried lan games and same problem. i...
  18. M

    Opinon poll: which model needs tweaking?

    Which model in your opinion needs to be tweaked or replaced? For me its Cell form 2 he's too skinny(gotta look more buff), abit too short & i'm sure his knee's knock together when he runs. No disrespect to the team modeler(s) but compared to the other character models, Cell's second...
  19. C

    boom speed

    hey i need some help on boom speed see i signed up and i clicked browse to upload my sig and then i upload it and i cant find it whats worng here
  20. MONXver2.0

    Big boom

    Just some screen shots I'd like to share. long PS+small map=lots of death And so we see our mighty hero fall. My favorite one. Tell me if you think they are good or bad or if you have a good screen shot yourself, post it.
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