1. Darth Revan


  2. Zeonix

    Bob, Defender of Mainframe, is Back This is one of those rare occasions where I'm happy crap from when I was younger gets recycled.
  3. Kaination

    Holy shishka bob!

    I was browsing some forums, and I stumbled upon a bad ass sig. Normally I dont post other peoples sigs, but I just need to. Not sure if he made it, but got it from itachi137 on other forums. Anyone else like it? Edit: after checking some stuff, pretty sure he didnt make it...
  4. Rocky

    Silent Bob! I challenge you!

    Well, we've been meaning to do this for a while now, so I decided to create my super ultimo fighter. When you're ready (and i'll make you ready!) post your bio here. You can also find mine there somewhere at the end. I'll see you at the fight!
  5. S

    which was the better kevin smith film? (jay & silent bob if u dont kno)

    well the questions in the title :S my fav was clerks.... actually its my fav film
  6. NightShade

    Hey bob? or was it joe?

    Since i been gone for some months. I had someone making me a gothic looking custom made char. And someone else using some custom sounds. Who was it? *sorry i dont know who to pm and to many aim names to keep up with* Trying to find the person who doing it. seeing how things went. if it goes...
  7. B

    bob.. the hobo-samurai

    quick drawing/sketch i did afew days ago ( )
  8. C

    Captain Jack Sparrow... or is it Bob?

    VB made it for me. I want some critz on it. I like it :devgrin:
  9. S

    Gohan head

    Hey everyone as u might now i was working on this sertain ssj2 gohan and well it showed out pretty good but it died i had some probs with it ect. so iam givving out this gohan head for others to complete IF they want that is hehe theres some errors in it but iam too lazy too make it 100% so if u...
  10. Cold Steel

    Screen in an unusual shape.

    Ok i suppose most of you know tgw_cloud_palace, i want to do something cool with the dimentional door, from the lookout to the rosat. I want to make a screen in the shape of a door, so when you go to the door, you see the rosat, this way it looks a little more realistic(the camera will be...
  11. TehMuffinMan

    project futora warfare ^_^

    anyways, this is a "mini mod" for esf, basiclly a huge pack that replaces most things like maps,models ect, i've been working with nuttzy and Bob for a while on this, and i was wondering if anyone wants to give us a hand with things, the link to the sites here we mostly need modelers, but any...
  12. HyperSaiyaman

    Supreme Kai

    I found this model lost in the deepest forums long time ago i reskinned it i converted to beta 1.1, credits are not given cuz i dont know who made so i didnt put anything well here the pic:
  13. Nuttzy

    animating questions

    im doing my first complete model from scratch, (no edit, no parts from my other models, all new skeleton and animations) ive got the model done, all it needs is skinning, which i will do later i was gonna let bob do it, but he ignored it so ill ignore him (jk bob catch me on aim)...
  14. Nuttzy

    env_model?, solid?

    im learning mapping ive learned all the usually missed steps from bob and a few other people, i HAVE got maps in game, now i made a model of samus's spaceship, it shows up ingame just fine id post a screenie, but im about to go to sleep, but its not solids, you can walk right through it, how do...
  15. E

    esf_nameks_triangle by [email protected]

    hey guys this is the map I was talkin of in the last few weeks! Its not done right now, but Im workin on it. I edited some textures of the namek.wad for the Capsule No.8 spaceship...I hope thats okay. :D Well, the the first place the name of the map should be nameks_triangle, cuz...
  16. HyperSaiyaman

    Mirror Map!

    Im sick of seeing my chracter back , is it possible to make a map that has mirror to see ours characters faces like quake if it is possible or there is already maps does has mirrors let me know putting that info in this thread, Thank you.
  17. icu2

    map request

    can someone make a snow map a map like the place tien and his little friend trained when they where waiting for the androids to arrive
  18. C

    broli sig

    Can someone make me a sig of broli? i'd like one where he's like standing up strate and like you scroll down and you see krillin.....who only come's up to his boot.... :devgrin:
  19. D

    Ill be a nOOb and say...

    MY first model (well sorta) ive been messing with milkshape and then dicided to make a player model, ok theres no head but thats still to come, the skin has also been done by me and yes i know it needs work (and a belly button) im gonna fix the arms up because there pretty simple at the...
  20. Darkness

    My first model edit

    first try took half an hour i know its nothing special but what are your honest opinions remember its my first one Just goto