1. Graive

    Danm bmp textures

    Ok i have a texture file of a model i changed a few things but when i save it in 256 bmp (only one it allows) it stuffs the colours up and they go all queer i dont undestand how thetexture looks fine in 256 bmp but when i save it like that the colours screw up can anyone help?
  2. I

    converting .dem to bmp's= 22 gigs O_o

    I don't know what section of the forum this fall under. So if it doesnt belong here, move it to the desired area. Anywayz, a couple of ago, I decided to finally convert my .dem file to .avi. I read a tutorial and it told me the "Startmovie" method. Well it exported three to four thousand bmp's...
  3. shay

    HOW to convert bmp to gif??

    O_O how can i convert a .bmp file to a .gif...?? i need it for my screen shot of my sprite..
  4. H

    Glowing Smo SSJ2 Goku

    Heres an edit I made a while back.. complete with glowyness... A few people wanted me to edit my SSJ2 Goku from a while back. Said the hair was messed up. So here it is: <BR><IMG SRC=""><BR> Hope you like. Credits go to Smo for making the...
  5. U

    24 bit to 8 bit!?

    Ok I have run into another problem, I have reskined Mystic Gohan to have a Red Suit, but now I when I save my BMP I can only save it with 24 bit color, and it won't apply it in HLMV. Do all HL skin have to be 8 bit? If so how can i get it down to 8 bit?
  6. Koren


    ok i am thinking into getting into making sprites but i need a program to do it what program could i use and could download from the net and use to make sprites
  7. T

    BMP file help.

    How do you change 24bit BMP filed to 8bit BMP files? Because I need to know for skinning O.o
  8. shadow16

    loading quake 3 skins in ms3d

    I'm just wondering how do u load the .skin files in ms3d for quake 3 models....and how do u change the .skin to like a bmp/jpg.... sorry, but I have no clue about quake 3 go easy on me.... Thanks
  9. Damaera

    -How to Edit Model's IN HLMV (Like hair and clothes or aura)-

    Well! First of all Sopose I had a Gouk model I'm editing. First I Export the hair, body,etc..... Then you colour in the Clothes or Hair in Bmp. Import it. And It's uploaded. Now all you have to do is Save model.... Then if you want to see the edit, Just open the goku.mdl And go to the first tab...
  10. Vashusa

    Help with sprite edit

    I hope thios is the right place to post this. i was trying to edit some sprites. i have the sprite view and wizard programs. so i saved a sprite as a sequence. it turned it into .bmp's. i opened photoshop and did the exact same thing to all of the bmp's. i saved them and trying to use the...
  11. A

    First Model (wip)

    I have no idea what it is, but its my first model. still a wip. critz
  12. V

    spirtes to bitmaps

    how can you make sprites tot bitmaps??!!
  13. MaX


    i go by Shask for my artwork credits now ok.. and on most forums im Shask now. :). ... anyway i call this sucker Bloodstream. Copy and paste :).
  14. I

    I got a texture problem

    Guys i wanted to remake the ESF vegeta skin cuz like i want green colours to suit my name and stuff... but i opened the texture using modelviewer, i then exported the texture into adobe photoshop and attempted to alter the texture, i changed the colour settings to RGB instead of indexed and...
  15. MaX

    my backround pack :)

    my 1st edits and art are in the pack. there about 13-18 pics i forget. anyway hope ya like. and remember there some of my 1st stuff. :) :)
  16. Neon


    ok i made an avater for my sig but it says that my avater is too big when i load it, and its too big when i host it too... what should i do? dont tell me to make it smaller cuz i tried and its still too big!!
  17. B

    ok one thing before my models so please help

    ok 2 thing: 1.How do i make the electric thing like in ssj 2 gohn. 2.How do i color my model so it will look like body color? after this i will create my models so please i need help p.s if you dont know so dont post please
  18. D

    My First Skin Ever!

    UPDATEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I changed the cloves to gray I did your idea dude but when I recolored the gloves to the color of pants and looked at side it look almost invisible O_O Edit: Im takeing any suggestins that people ask.
  19. Wing Zero 0

    Multiple skin non-player models

    I've got a question. Certain non-player models, such as the aura models, and the dragonball "db.mdl" models change colors for certain characters and at certain times. The aura is a different color for certain colors (purple for Frieza and Buu, green for Cell, white for everybody else, and...
  20. Stanz

    New ESF Icon

    Here's my first icon made for esf ATLAST... Download: here <<< Right Click > 'Save Target As...' Read below to see how I finnaly got there :) ----- How I Got There: --- I doubt ive finished this for now it is just a couple of examples of the idea I was using to create a new ESF...