1. ssj999vegeta

    error loading bmp

    every time im in adobe softwar and i save changes to a model bmp and then try to import it back ontop the model an error comes up saying error loading bmp wtf is that and it only happens with adobe warez
  2. Black Saiyan

    PSP help

    can some1 tell me when i load my face to my model next time i open on milkshape it doesent load anyone can u help me?
  3. Black Saiyan

    Milkshape 3d HELP!

    when i open my model it opens everything but the face it says this when i load up my model Adding group: body-256 Adding group: face ERROR: loading texture: "face.bmp" any ideas whats wrong
  4. Black Saiyan


    its a pieace off crap it keeps crashing when i gotto complie why the peace off crap i feel like throwing it out the window can any1 help
  5. Optional


    Its a biiiiig mappy! screen is in the zip cause me too lazy to upload separatly lol EDIT: PIC: DOWNLOAD THAT WORKS:
  6. G

    SSJ4 goku wip

    well its a wip right now so crits are welcome :D this is going to be in saiyan rebirth (another hl mod) i know its not much i only got to really skinning the face :P
  7. S

    god @¼-• i need help!!!!!!

    i only have seven days left on my milkshape and when i try to compile .qc file milkshape crashes. logan told me the textures need to be 256 colors but i don't know how to change it. please help before i have a stroke and die :cry:
  8. T

    First Model =o

    lol..Sorry guys but..I started this 15 mins ago...I don't know what im doing..just messing around..its my first Model i ever made..Was suppose to be a lego person. Cough it up, laugh all you want: Copy and paste the link wait for it to load
  9. SSJ4_Cell

    New Destructo Disk Sprite!

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>Hi, I've made a new Destructo Disk, credits go to ESF Team for sprites and shijing for the thread on how to make a sprite. Take a look, click here:).</TABLE> <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>You like it? Crits please and...
  10. AscendantSaiyan

    Hmmm i tired to model...

    Right this is the first thing i have ever modeled and i was wondering what you think? Not as how good a goku head it is but more as how good do you think it is for a first try. (this is the reason i didnt post it in the modeling section). <img...
  11. CyroTek

    question about psp7

    i´ve got a little prob, cause always i save a bmp skin in psp, and import it in half-Life model viewer, he say´s could not load bmp texture, and then i open it in paint and save it as 256colour, but then i lose some colours, what should i do? i´ve got no idea, sorry for my english, please...
  12. V

    how do u skin in ms3D???

    ive started my own model and was just wandering ahead of time if i would be able to skin it (though it might suck being my first one). other then that i just wanna know for future use thanx;)
  13. Es_Trunks2

    PSD to BMP

    how do i make a adobe photoshop image be a BMP (PSD:notice: BMP) its already itno indexed colros now how do i make this a BMP image? **EDIT** Hey plz dont move this to fanart or artwork it isnt its about skinnin so dont close/move this mods :p
  14. Y

    short hair mdl

    sorry nitro Cooler didnt told me
  15. IceFire2050

    Which sig is better?

    well im very new to this and so far ive made 2 sigs which one is better? my first one <p align="left"><img border="0" src=""></a> and my second one <p align="left"><img border="0" src=""></a>
  16. P

    Goku ssj very first stage of making

    here it is if clicking on it doesnt work just copy and paste it. Also give me advice
  17. A

    my new sig/avantar need critz!

    i need your critz. This is the 3thd time i use photoshoop so i am the bigest n00b in it... but here is my new sig/avantar SIG: AVANTAR: This Web banner i made for a CS clan: And at last my avantar i use in the "CS" forums so... what do you guys think? // ZioN
  18. Wuying Ren

    Damn cool picture

    I don't made this but I must show it too you ! Its not drawed it is written.
  19. Eclipse

    how to Edit ESF?

    i've seen a lot of new skin being put out for current ESF would i go about making my own? i've never used the HL engine before, so it's new to me, anyone wanna help? or got a link to a nice tut?
  20. W

    need sig help...

    I need help, i made this so far but i think its missing something but i cant figure out what it is....any help?