1. Suh Dude

    Awsome, 6-6-06 is a national...

    Ha, it's going to happen.
  2. $sj Goku


    Ok guys like said in some other thread IM ON A ROLE WITH THESE IDEAS THEY Keep coming :D OK SO HERE GOES... ok adv melee yea.. eh :/ it seems kinda slow and the animation aren't fluint at all... so.... HOW ABOUT THIS??? THE SAME ADV MELEE CONCEPT EXCEPT When the players...
  3. M

    What happened to SEGA its so awsome ^^

    sega shouldnt of tryed to fight with ps2 they should of launced earler
  4. 009

    Giant spirit bomb spirte... awsome snif :')

    Its just soooo HUGE ! I realy wish someone will make a big sprite to the spirit bomb in esf.. like this one.. the hit box of the spirit bomb is larger then the spirte... you can stand far away from the spirit bomb and it still hit you cuz you to close... i dont talk about the...
  5. E

    Man, this thing is awsome!!!

    ESF 1.3 melee ideas If they would do that kinda, I would definantley play ESF a lot more time then used 'till now.
  6. Suh Dude

    Awsome Computer Cases *56k warning*

    I found these at the FPS forum, known as the Garry's Mod forums. Not registered there, but it seems they're not really nice there. >_> I want the coffe maker one.. *Drools*
  7. A

    D12!!! Just got back from their concert! FRIGGIN AWSOME

    Woo! .. They came to toronto tonight and they were ****in awsome. Along with them was Slum Village and a few others im to lazy to name off.. does anyone here love d12 as much as i do :talk:
  8. M

    Awsome POTW at ESF-World

    Check this out, sweetness
  9. K

    eea models! AWSOME!

    what were they thinking? edited* hmm how do i insert images? NEVER MIND! Anyways if you have eea models set up, pick piccolo and use his scatter beam. get ready to laugh
  10. C


    Well as you can see the animation is nice but I dunno if it fits the sig/character... Anywho I kinda like it it took me 3 days to do...yeah loads of work the animation is realy hard I had to re do it loads of times... But I learned allot tho...It is JoeJustJoe's... Well here it is...
  11. A

    Budokai2 is AWSOME!

    So, I bought Budokai 2 like at sunday after xmas. Ok so I have Budokai 2, so I think it is a really great game! The first day I played it I got to fat @$$ buu :D (A.K.A. Fat buu) He kicked my ass, but today, I kicked his ass with um.... either Gohan or Goku So, I was looking out at Cheat...
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    my new super awsome signatures

    BLAM!!!! how ya like those pieces of eye candy. these thigns took my a whole 2 and a half seconds eah but i think they get my point across.
  13. C

    My new awsome look.By me!

    What do you think of my new sig and aveter??? I am using them right now!!!!! :cool:
  14. S

    i found an awsome model site! they dont have alot but the ones they do have are awsome
  15. Ryoko

    VERY WIP Princess Garnet drawing

    * If that doesnt work, click this link: * I have yet to clothe her but theres nothing on show ^_^ I cleanded up the lines a lot compared to the old version. And yes, I know she has no nose ><
  16. Death The Jedi

    Galactic Tornado

  17. Suh Dude

    Gods World?wTF i don't know

    No bady crits i want Good Things about it
  18. Suh Dude

    New Sig i thinks its Awsome!

    How do u think please don't say it its bad please!
  19. S

    WIP: Beelzebub from Sandland (my first poly by poly)

    here's what beelzebub looks like: he's a character in Sandland, son of the devil, its written by Akira Toriyama, here's my model so far, its my first so go easy on me: i gotta make a cape, any sugestions how?, the hands arent too good but like i sed its my first try, any crits?
  20. Gangster464

    When is it coming out ? And wo do u like better

    When is the new esf coming out so we can have more fun ? :devgrin: awsome :devgrin: