1. Skyrider

    Tribes: Ascend - Got a Beta Key

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I have a key left, anyone interested?
  2. hleV

    Could Majin Vegeta Ascend to SSJ3?

    AFAIK to reach SSJ3, a saiyan needs to train hard and be already achieved SSJ2. As we all know, Vegeta trained harder than Goku for those 7 years. When he became Majin and went SSJ2, he was equal to SSJ2 Goku. SSJ2 Goku was already able to ascend to SSJ3 by having about the same powerlevel as...
  3. Disguise

    Kings of Kai: Ascend

    I know the forum competition is over, but I thought this might be a good one to consider. The Kai are the Gods over the universe, but in the series, the characters become even stronger than the Kai and eventually the Dragons themselves (I see the potential reference of GT as an added bonus)...
  4. S

    how to ascend ?

    i've been "training" with goku till 2.5 mill, still won't ascend, can some1 tell me how ?
  5. Chakra-X

    Can you Ascend?

    This topic seems like a chilidish fantasy of copying people on DBZ and become a super saiyan, but I'm gonna be serious here. I am fasinated (sp?) by the belief of Chi energy, yin and yang. Ima be honest though, what first got me interested in this was DBZ, to see if shooting blast from...
  6. M

    How far can you ascend to?

    hey, I’m curious as to how far can Goku ascend in this game? O_o If he can go past ss level one…any tips to get him to two and three faster? Finally, is there any kind of ‘cheat/bug’ in this MOD that can be of help? o_o Thanks By the way awesome job guys, this is a great...
  7. I

    Ascend, Descend, Ascend = lose hp O_o

    If your ascended (with trunks) and you descend and then ascend again you lose 1 hp. I don't know if its the same with other characters cause i've only tried this with trunks. Its not really a problem unless you do it 100 times but a bug none the less so i posted it anyway :] .
  8. @lv/n

    I can't ascend to SSJ2 or three.... it's he same old ESF ater I install EVM...

    Hi! I installed EVM but I can't afford to ascent rather than SSJ1 or 1st Freeza, etc. can anyone help me? I really want to be a SSJ3 without EEA... :cry:
  9. Eider

    New Beta versions

    hello everyone, me again... :p ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have another question, when will the next version of ESF come out?? (aprox.) :] what will change (generally) ? will there be new characters :confused: And will we be...
  10. G

    No fast ascend...

    I dont know if this thread has been posted a million times or not, but i havent found anything over the search function so: When you have perfect Level for a SSJ1 Transformation, the transformation is not visible... you didnt see something, only that the hairs become yellow. So i think the...
  11. Denominator

    Ascend and descend question when having ssj3

    ok heres the question, you have the pl for ssj3 in say the next.. beta2 or something, you want to descend.. will you be brought down ONE level each time you tap 'x'? or straight to normal? ALSO. If you acquire ssj3 transformation powerlevel .. then you transform and eventually die, will you...
  12. Packed Lunch

    how ascend twice?.

    i go ssj and blah blah blah i hit my second transform level 5,000,000 and press z dont do nuffin? i stay normal ssj :(~
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