1. [Phoenix]

    arrows in combos

    well, when somebody doing a combo to me and the arrows appeared... sometimes the arrows that i see not are the correctly arrows... example: a guy press this keys when he shut me: w-a-s-a and i se for example: w-a-w-w ... when i press w-w there are marked how wrong...
  2. N

    Help with the fusion arrows

    Hi everyone, I've been trying for the past hour or so to fuse with a bot using the fusion dance. I simply am not fast enough to keep up with the arrows and input them correctly. I've tried dozens of times, and I'm getting desperate. I'd love to see the cool transformations, but i keep...
  3. B

    Help: Arrows dont Show during melee

    <IMG SRC=""> Those dont show on my computer I see the bars somethimes ont he bottom but there woudl be no red green and blue or arrows on it its just empty. I have a ATI Radeon AGP 8x 256 mb card and i tried using it under open GL and Direct 3d those...
  4. S

    Big Problem with attacking arrows first i´m from my english isn´t very well:-) So my problem, as you red it is that there are no arrows! I don´t see the white arrows of the enemy´s attack so i can´t react! I only see the green or red arrows...but that the time of reaction is empty. I tried to...
  5. 009

    Do you like the Arrows in the melee ?

    Do you like the arrow system in melee ? I dont like them... well it's good enough, but the 'random' arrow sux, becuase it can let a lucky noob kick a pro ass.. The arrows a good i think:) But please remove the 'random' arrows ;/ I hate when a noob think he is so GREAT just because of the...
  6. Goten-son

    About the arrows for adv. melee

    ok is it me? or are the arrows hard to see half the time? Well i think if it could be implemented that the arrows are the inverted color of whatever their on in game (like if ur looking at a bright wall the colors would be the opposite of the wall colors) so that way you can at least see them lol
  7. imkongkong


    currently in order to dodge a diagonal arrow, for instance left up, you either press left or up. I think it should be changed to where you have to press the diagonal instead of left or up, this would make blocking more harder and would require skill, since blocking is easy as it is now
  8. Eiridan

    Blocking these wierd arrows

    How do i block these arrows? I only need to know the key to hit to block only the arrows that are circled.
  9. W

    Random Arrows and throws

    Now I'm not sure if this is actually implemented or no, but eh... Would it be viable for the percent chance of a random arrow popping up in melee to be higher the greater the PL advantage one had over another? So if one person had, say, 2x the power of another, then there would be a greater...
  10. D

    random arrows

    Is there something that you can do to cause your attacks to come up as random arrows for the person your attacking? Like does the random arrows apear randomly during the adv. melee or is there something you can do to influence if random arrows will apear for the other guy? I have been told that...
  11. MinesSkylineR34

    i just got bryce!!

    i have no idea what to do lol but im starting to get the ideas O_o a few ques to the ppl who can use bryce ez how do i make the stuff into a real picture instead of all the grids? how do i save as jpeg?
  12. |Da|K|

    clock work-indy

    jus some indy i made :-p
  13. M

    Majin Vegeta Final

    Weee after months of not doin anything on teh poor jack.. butt i made him sum new armz and.. a butt poly count is 1682 :P, with 1 skinmap
  14. Naz


    heres my new wallpaper, c&c comments etc? big version @ it still has a few bugs in it, I'll fix it asap
  15. G


    I couldn't decide wich one to choose so im asking for your help ...
  16. S

    Which Do YOU Prefer v. 2?

    Okay Which do you gus like best the image in my sig or... (The sig above is called Shiva) or... (Unknown!)
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