1. Mistery X

    3000 Poly model for fun...

    Ok.. I've made this model for fun.. not really looking into putting it in game gona try to animate him and make some little renders of video or something with it in Bryce... Its not perfect.. and its not intended to be. I've made it in about a few weeks so just checking if people like or...
  2. E

    New Model....Inspired by azn_d...

    i saw anz dragons models today and was amazed so i thought id try my hand at a different battle damaged guy with a say 4000 polys here he is at 1000 polys atm, hardly anything dont to him at the momenth, very very wip (theres no lighting in this scene, ill make a new render with..)
  3. M

    Esf Majin Vegeta !!SKIN!!

    I have edited the origonal esf vegeta skin to be majin vegeta cos hes coo :P heres some pics :P and here is the model file. NOTE! I DID NOT MAKE THIS MODEL!!. I ONLY EDITED THE SKIN DOWNLOAD MODEL HERE
  4. Raven Blade

    WIP - Vegeta (Saiyan)

    I had this vegeta model lyin around and finally got around 2 skinning it, as you can see its not done yet ^.^, but any CnC would b helpful....
  5. E

    Guess who

    I decided to do a drawing without a reference pic. So this is more of an artists rendition. I assume you guys can tell who this is...if you can't, I suck at drawing. Enjoy.
  6. SA_Gohan


    Just like the topic says. It's normal form Gotenks. Sor far I've done the upper arms, torso, and head, plus the fusion jacket. It's about 1,088 so far, and I have a poly limit of 3,000, but I'm kinda hoping to keep it low enough to be used in Half Life, but that doesn't look like it's going to...
  7. R

    Gohan Model WIP

    Well... this is what I'm workin on... still got some work to do on it but figure I might as well see if I can get any reactions <img src=""> peace :idea: EDIT: I just changed the picture, did a little to...
  8. Ryoko

    Booya, latest Ryoko drawing (no cg yet)

    Comments? Hit me with the crit!
  9. M

    Need comments

    Hey going to remodel this guy. just wondering what i shoudl do on him hes a dragon from dbgt 2214 polies
  10. D

    My Goku....

    well i got milkshape so have started skinning my model and i finally got a picture host that i hope works so have a look... its no where near compleated the skin on the body is just so you can see what it...
  11. E

    What Ive been working on Lately (new model)

    2000 polys, dunno WTF it is, just make up summin by looking at random demon concept arts....ermmmm, if its too dark, ill post more pics, i just liekd the scary look (1st pic is light, not coloured proper)
  12. fatmanterror

    SSJ4/SSJ5 Goku model

    hey everybody, its been a while since ive done any modeling at all, ive been busy animating for DBPS, which used to be fury of cell, anyways, this is the first time ive made a model from scratch, its not done yet its only 2 hours into it, but tell me what u think so far. by the way, the notice...
  13. I

    new vegeta-

    New vegeta hope you like it:D copy and paste the urls in ya web browser
  14. I

    New model-ic0nz

  15. E

    Piccolo and Buu stretchy arms.

    Since the melee system is being overhauled and being made into a much better system (so I hear), wouldn't it be cool if one of Piccolo and Buu's melee attacks was a stretchy arm that, when aimed at someone, you left click and his arm stretches out at the person you aimed at (and you can guide it...
  16. Kerozeyetzev

    Wheres a Brolli model?

    uhhhh not complaining or anything but i havent seen a single attempt to make a brolli model or even heard anything about one. i ask myself why this could be since brolli is one of the coolest characters ever. now i search for anwsers from all of my fellow esf fans. enlightenment...
  17. I

    Torsomaking tut works!!!!!
  18. T

    first torso

    first torso
  19. T

    Get that BEBI in my tummy!

    aight im almost finshed wit the arms and the chest... abs are getting redone and the everything gold... post feedback! *dont say **** about the model i didnt do it.....*
  20. I

    Gohan pimpage!!!!!( beta btw)

    heeeey done my torso and leggs...torso need a hell lot of tweaks i know..but just check what i have now [4 pics!!!!] theehee...gimme feedback or check