1. Skyrider

    Steam Mobile App for iOS & Android

    It's closed beta. However, when logging in using the app; you'll be added to the invite list. It's possible to login on your mobile and stay logged in on your home system as well. It syncs all the messages both...
  2. Kaination

    Just got a new droid phone (Samsung Epic), app recommendations?

    Well, does anyone here use a droid phone? if so, what are some good apps to get me jump started?
  3. Rocky

    Official iPhone app thread.

    I hate Apple, but I love iPhone, also noticed a complete lack of iPhone love on these boards, I can't be the only one who owns one. So, that said, what apps are you guys using on your Apple products that are just too awesome not to share? For me, my latest crazes are: Angry Birds - some...
  4. EvolutionX

    App File

    Hi. Can someone tell me how to create an application file for esf (not shortcut). TNX
  5. Killface

    Networking Issues with Torrent App

    Everytime i download something using a bittorrent program.. such as BitComet or uTorrent, Windows tells me that my my router disconnects and reconnects every 2 minutes or so. (it says "you have no connectivity", then immediately it goes away... only to do it again 2 minutes later) Its getting...
  6. C


    i wanted too know if someone can make a nappa model:devgrin: i would love too see and have this modelO_O so if anyone can make this model i would luv it;D thx
  7. Naz


    comments etc app. anyways, I'm thinking of, either redoing it or maybe just leave it like this and start over when I'm more experienced with this type of wp I'll see just a first version btw (again) grtz Naz
  8. A

    Desert training area.

    I think it was the Saiyan Saga... When piccolo was training Gohan to get ready for whoever was coming (sure it was vegeta and nappa) But it was like a desert area with lots of stone platforms and cliffs etc. just popped into me head.