1. D

    Character Giant Ape..

    How is it possible to play the Giant Ape? i mean i seen the SSJ 4 Transformation but i want to play that ape ^^ and the regular ape so is there a way? thanks
  2. Zeonix

    Ape Understands English. Holy ****.

    http://abcnews.go.com/WN/Story?id=3222942&page=3 I'd post a smart-ass comment if I wasn't so intrigued.
  3. D

    The Great Ape

    I cant seem to find a Oozarut model for esf 1.2,i remeber an old thread about a ooozaru being recoded to 1.2 but that thrread is gone,and google isnt helping much so i was wondering if anybody had that model?I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. N


    Well Im just posting to see if any of the old apes play/check the forums I dont think this is against the rules to poste here because it is part of the ESF mod... well anyways heres a list of the old apes ive become out of contact with... Mystix Epedemic optikz Gr00vy Vampire...
  5. Rayos

    Ape server fun night with map editing

    i have to admit...fusion what you did tonight was pretty awsome...though now my head is completely spinning and i think i won't be able to play for a week ((a few people might like that lol )) but damn man that was some freaky teleporting map changing dragon floating stuff you had...good job
  6. I

    Golden Ape

    Hi there this has been siad before The sayian can grow a or something and gather the dragon balls and wish they were golden ape or smething. Have time limit as well they don't crush any body Good and Bad Reasons G(Good) B(Bad) G: Better for Bigger maps B: If someone chops their tail off...
  7. A

    giant ape (cant remember name)

    what im saying is not "give gohan ssj2! fast!" because that is ****ing pointless. what i am saying that you can add a middle-trans for gohan and vegeta. reason: gohan isnt too strong. to be correct he is quite weak. and until vegeta is transed, the server is dead, and all over again. so i...
  8. KilledWithStyle

    Vegeta's ape attack (sorta)

    You know during the Saiyan saga when vegeta was attacking goku, he launched that weapon that turned him into a ape and it emitted a large flash that goku had to turn away from. Well, I was thinking of a similar thing that will do the same thing. What vegeta will do is launch it into the air...
  9. ssj_perfect

    ape form

    i know this maybe a bit hard to do but if possible why not have the sayains such as gohan/goku & vegeta have ape forms ? it would be cool and also y not whe u get to the point of making new forms make all sayians go ssj3 - even thou gotenks and goku r the only ones who go ssj3 in dbs it would...
  10. nemecj05

    Ape clan

    i want to be in the ape clan, and im not sure if theres tryoutrs or whatnot but if someone from the ape clan could tell me wha i need to d to get in i would greatly appreceate it!
  11. X

    ~{ape}~ Challenger Signature

    Here is a signature that I made. Please rate it on a scale of 1/10. Drag me onto your address bar!!! This is my very first one! I'm still learning how to make them good. I'm using an outdated program lol.
  12. D

    can some1 give me site of downloading maps?

    redsayian fall :((((((((((((( so plz
  13. Masibu

    Request: Midgar

    Now, not quite sure if u can actually request maps, but... i was wondering if anyone could make a map of midgar from ff7? i wouldnt mind seeing a few final fantasy maps around
  14. P

    Pixel Art ^_^

    I made these for my BYOND game, Do NOT rip these icons or else I will hunt you down. Thes are NOT for public use, Personal use only. Critism/Comments are GREATLY appreciated. The byond game is called Dragonball SL, Don't bother looking for it yet.. Link will be http://www.dragonballsl.com...
  15. Majin_You

    Notice - WonID's

    Derived from the Devil Information Thread is the following list of WonID's. Please add them to your autoexec.cfg file to ban the WonID's that Devil and/or other crashers have been known to use. ------------------------------------------------- Name(s) Associated with Server Crashers (Past...
  16. E

    Does nybody know where i can find a good city map

    well i want a good city map i already have the redsaiyan city map and the default one that comes with esf but i just love city maps i dont know if any of u seen a spiderman commercial on mtv how its gonna be a new show but if uve seen the commercial hes in a city i want a map thats like that or...
  17. I

    Challenge To ~{APE}~

    ok, ive recently have gotten better, and so good, people leave my server just because i own them to bad. so i wanted to schedule a challenge agenst ape 1on1 for today, an d if not today, sunday. contact me on aim mysticssjgoku4 ciao
  18. Z

    hey why dont Vegeta ant Gohan can go to ape ?

    Like when Vegeta is in tranformed in to supersajan he can make moon.Whe he create moon he could transform in to Ape ant his power be 14.000.000 .But if you cut his tail he just go to vegeta normal like he was.He have two attack's when he is a ape.MouthBlast and Melee.His Healt 300 ant power...
  19. M

    Ape Mode

    i think all sayians should be able to transform to ape form, sayians should also be able to throw fake moons in the sky then transform into ape mode. in ape mode you should be able to step on people, hit, slash, pick up and sqeeze them and also eat them. the apes power would immensly grow but...
  20. Enforcer ICE

    Map request (if this has been done or something similar, please let me know)

    I just finished playing ape_city courtesy of Bio_Brolly, and I fell in love with that building he made with the breakable glass, and elevator doors. However esf_city is still my fav. map. my Request is basically esf_city or something very closely resembling it, with alot of buildings that have...