1. B

    need modlers and skiners.

    Hi... listen i am building a mod to esf i need 3 modelers and 2 skiners if any1 intrasting talk to me in icq 146481745 and another thing.... i am always invisible on icq... so write to me even if i am offline 10x brnet
  2. Vashusa

    if any1 can tell me

    does anybody know if pro squad habve a website. and if u do can u tell me what it is
  3. Amitron

    Help with photoshop

    Ok i dunno if this is how its supposed to be, but this bugs me whenever im working on sigs or whatever in photoshop or anything in there in the top left hand corner of what im working on there is always like two gray boxes...and they get in the way. One of them has 01 in it and the other has...
  4. Vashusa

    Help with animation

    I have been trying to make a model edit from useless resposes trunks with the katana. i took the katana and moved to the sidef trunks belt/body. then i made the animation for him to draw it fom the scabard at the side and from overhead but when i put it in game it cuts off the first 6 or 7...
  5. P

    can any1 help me ?

    Well i got the Armor Trunks pack from redsayian i unzipped the files and placed them in the right folders. but once i go into my game my trunks form 1 is fine, but..... when i ascend my trunks transforms into a goku :S . does any1 know what 's wrong?
  6. S

    model sites ?

    I know that there maybe have been some threads like this but... Do any1 know more places to download models from than: Red saiyan ???
  7. HyperSaiyaman

    Does any1 knows how to make gfx pictures?

    i wanna learn how to make gfx ictures, *.tga, can any1 tell me?
  8. M

    shark model request

    can any1 make me shark model? i mean 1 normal shark and the second is yellow with "M" on his head. plz make me1 and if u can i wanna learn how to model but with living ppls no toritals or any other text or movie....
  9. SpriGGan

    SSJ4 GOku

    hey anyone know for a website with a ssj4 goku or n e noe kind enough to donate me there ssj4 goku i dont mean to bug n e of you if you dont want to help its ok but any help would be greately aprciated thanks in advance guys
  10. Vashusa

    Does any1 know...

    does any1 know where i can get sexyasian's bojack trunks i saw the thread got closed so i want to know where\if i get the model.
  11. B

    Any1 makes Krillin art works??

    I just wanna see some krilling artworks I mean is he that bad???
  12. E

    skinning faces

    if any1 needs skinning faces i can draw yous out an outline of the characters face that you need to skin . you can color it and shade it the way u want ill just draw the main lines ^_^ . i can draw it very accuratly to make the skin look exactly like the real thing . um this is the only dbz...
  13. S


    what does pll mean by Poly by Poly?? cause im kinda confused because im a Newbie Model so thats why im asking so can any1 tell me?
  14. D

    i have 3 problems, can any1 help me

    i have 3 problems, can any1 help me 1. how can i have amx and kibots at the same time 2. i now how can i make the text in the middle of the screen be my own, but it aint activated how do i do 3. yesterday i played with a friend and 2 of his friend should join, but there was 2 reserved...
  15. B

    any1 here that knows chinese (traditional :p)

    well, if there is, can that person please translate the symbol in my avatar (the thing left under my name :p) to english :S thx anyway :D
  16. sexyasian86

    Request: King Kai

    i was wondering, with all this kai stuff happening in the other threads if anyone can make a King Kai model/skin teehehe ^_^ sounds like it could be fun, right? :D just a random request. peace outs:idea:
  17. E

    compiling and loading probs... need assistance

    hi... err this be my 1st post k... my prob is im currently trying to test a map i made! however after compiling, i assume it should start up esf, but it just goes to cstrike load up screen (i run on cstrike retail rather than HL) and gets stuck saying map change failed. I have got everything...
  18. T

    for any1 with fmod.dll problems

    try this put in your main folder. else try your esf folder. if that doesn't work then i dunno what should do good
  19. SS2 Gohan E

    Goten Soundpack

    did any1 ever make a goten soundpack? if they did can u give me link not to sound like a n00b but if they didnt can someone make one
  20. S

    does any1 know how to

    print-screen a clip in WMP? (=Windows Media Player)