1. Grim Reaper

    ESF anims

    Hi,when u begin to do the anims for Trans can u do like the hair is going Yelow Black,and for Goku ssj3 the hair should be growe on... ... and yeah Gokus hair ssj and ssj2 are a litle bit ****y... plz can u fix his hair,and yeah when will u do the ssj2 Vegeta,Majin Vegeta,Frizza stage...
  2. G

    Dragon Ball Rebirth and other anims

  3. W

    trunks sword anims

    Hey , don't flame or something , cause i'm new. I wan't to ask is there some way to replace the trunks sword animations with melee anims. I'm asking this cause i want to use the armor trunks model. I tried editing the qc file , it worked fine , cept for ref_aim_sword.smd.
  4. L

    My RaWkInGMODEL!!!

    THis is my rawking model i still need anims and need to make the models... im too lazy to finish it...and don't know how soooo... here is the picture And here is the link to the file if you wanna finish my work :)
  5. Jimesu_Evil

    King Vegeta: Jimesu_Evil edition

    I just copped a warning for advertising on the other King Vegeta thread, so here's mine. What do you think? Credits to: DC Darkling for the saiyan saga Vegeta model and SS_Vegeta for the cape (buu's cape) Download HERE!
  6. V

    Take a look at Bojack Trunks

    Credits: Legs/Chest : The ESF-TEAM Head: The ESF-TEAM Hair: Violator Texture chest : Violator / ESF-Team
  7. Nuttzy


    how would you give a small character model another models skeleton, lets say i made a sonic the hedgehog model, i put gokus skeleton on him and assigned the best i could with the skeleton being 2x bigger than the model, and nothin looks right in the model viewer, would i hafta make a custom...
  8. G

    what are the new models for 1.1

    yo all lets get the load down 1.1 is coming so we have to get the models updated so here we go let me see the new models and ideas u all have and that esf shall become better and make some more trunks models and vegeta alright and dont forget about goten lol and lil trunks well yeah lol
  9. D

    Cell model Request..

    Im not the one to make requests... But does anyone else think that the cell model blows? I mean when he jumps he is all squiggly.. dude the model just sucks... I need someone or a new Cell to replace it please.. New anims too ..
  10. A

    Alpha and Beta

    is it ok i u download a esf alpha model and put it in beta
  11. SA_Gohan

    Animation Exporting

    Okay, I've started getting into animating recently and have made a few poses, mostly idle and power up anims in gmax, and I want to export them to the md3 format through tempest. I do that, but when I import the file into milkshape so I can export it to the file format I need (.smd), none of the...