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    Melee animations

    So far we have seen a vid of Gohan's melee and Goku's, and I have noticed something. Gohan's kick animation was a kick followed by a backflip, and Goku's kick animation was one foot forward and the other foot tucked back which looks like a "jump kick". Does each character do each of these moves...
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    Animations !?!

    PPL that got animated gifs as their avatars i got a question for u guys .... were u get em from u made em your selfs ? u cut em out from a movie/episode ??? plz tell me i want to have one of Gotrunks ... can some1 make me one or find me one or just tell me how u made em ...
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    the bald one:P......Krillin

    krillin model finished it like 4-5 weeks ago posting it now:P