1. A

    More Akira Toriyama's work that has been turned into animated series?

    Hi guys, so I just finished watching ALL of the DBZ episodes, first time in 8 years, and I got really sad when it ended, i know theres still GT, but i will most probably fast foward it leaving only a couple of good parts. So my question ( i googled but its very unclear) is there more anime...
  2. Suh Dude

    Fred animated series?
  3. Damaera

    Animated Textures

    <center><center><a href=""><img src=""></a> <a href=""><img src=""></a><br /><br /> <hr>Animated textures has...
  4. Goku Razor

    Question About Animated Gifs

    Hey all, sorry to like.. bother everyone with this thread I wasn't quite sure where to put it. I was wondering if there is a good site to find Dragon Ball Z Animated Gifs, taken from the show? I have looked and I can only find those little sprites. If anyone can help it would be greatly...
  5. Viper

    Animated models in a 1.2 map

    I know that in 1.3 maps can have animated models, but ppl have told me that in 1.2 it's not possible. But i recently saw Kong Kong's "Kai's planet" map, and there's that old guy running about. I was wondering about how did he do that.
  6. Nuttzy

    anyone here good with animated sigs? (smith?)

    i made me a little avatar/sig set, kinda plain ones but funny to me. i had a lil problem though, though i managed to create a gif under 100 kb for my avatar, when i went to upload it. it fell back to a static image, but i kinda like the way it looks so oh well, out of boredom though i would...
  7. Andreyesf

    Animated Combos

    So I am teeling that every character should have an animated combo as his own combo !!! Like Goku should have something like INSTANT transmit with Kamehameha and fires at enemy DAMAGE : 35 REMEMBER NOT INSTANT transmit just instant transmit kamehameha for frieza Some FINGER LASERS combo like...
  8. KidMan

    Animated Eye Brows

    Esf should have that. Think about it, Goku could look Happy, sad or angry during gameplay. This has no real effect on anything but since they have animated mouths, then having animated eye brows makes sense too. Be nice to have it so your character doesn't always look angry.
  9. Enix

    animated secks...

    oh yes...its been awhile...
  10. Banana!

    Another animated one

    omg its kuriccolo!!
  11. Banana!

    Animated sig

    Hey, one of my first animated sigs, I know the quality sucks but I had to downsize it from 800+kb to about 350, then to under 200 for this forum. The original 350kb: I know its kinda lame but I felt like posting it D:
  12. Enix

    New animated sig ^_^

    This took forever....I captured one of my little guys from sonic adventure DX breakdancing and edited out the duplicate frames and got it to cycle through smoothly. I didn't do any of the actual artwork, [but if sonic adventure was moddable, believe me I would ;)] just used a video capturing...
  13. bapplebo

    Mah first animated siggy ^_^.

    Should I use it? This was because I can't be bothered to beat the 2nd boss in Ninja Gaiden (beat him now when I finished it).
  14. Sicron

    Second animated sig [LARGE FILESIZE!]

    this is my second animated sig...i think it has improved somewhat...i blended it in a bit, however...still cant find a way make it fade black and fade out of black without a TOO large filesize....this one is 700+kb (havent really checked), so too bad i cant use it on these forums >.<...
  15. S

    animated siggeh

    .....must....annoy....56kers...... C&C?
  16. KidMan

    Making a CG/ Animated movie for ESF

    So I was wondering if someone could make a movie for the EST team so they could use it for advertisment or for eye candy. I think it would be an awesome gift.
  17. Sicron

    first "animated" sig

    well i took a part of naruto, and added it in my sig, i just couldnt edit it more than the movie part i had :\ i wanted it to fade in black (a few frames) and then fade back in naruto yelling, but when i tried to do that, i screwed everything up X_x so i stuck with this one, not that bad (i hope...
  18. Chakra-X

    Animated Sonic Signature

    Well Magus's pixlelated signature got me jealous, so I pulled out some of my old sprites and made this. Bring it on link.
  19. ZeroNightmare

    Animated Sig Behemoth!!!! 2!!!

    uh i made a new sig today, started over. i think its alot nicer than the old. used differant techniques and tricks. yay.
  20. Guru_San

    mental Animated GIF

    Dunno if uv seen it before but it rox o yo sox o off! ..OWNAGE... Post some of your mental gifs -SaN