1. #16

    Androids 17, 18 models?

    Are they completed? Dunno, but esf team never shows a17, a18 models.
  2. zmaster

    [Old PotW] the androids

    awaken 17 and 18
  3. G

    Will the Androids be in ESF 1.3???

    I like the androids and I was wondering if they will be in ESF1.3??
  4. Grega

    about the androids

    well it was broght up a lot of times that the androids have infinite ki and no solution well how about 1:they have a certain amount of ki and they loose it while swooping, beam attacks(charging), turbo, and stuff like that 2:they dont loose ki for flying, jumping, walk... 3:they loose ki in PS...
  5. D


    I was thinking for whenever the staff was gonna put new characters in ESF that when/if they put android 17 and 18 in that they would have Gohan's ki shield.. and when the beam or ball hits it, it would absorb it and raise their pl.. just a idea
  6. M

    Androids in a later Version

    Now we all know that the androids are most probaly going to be in at some time or another and ive been thinking on how they would work as atm they just wont fit in ESF: Androids have Infinate power so they never run out of power, they never go into turbo as they dont need to, and they dont...
  7. Pain

    for androids

    if androids 19 or 20 are evern put into the game a new attack for them could be the energy absorb. u can select the absorb and take in a beam/ball of any size/pl. this will increase your pl by (beam pl/x=pl increase) or whatever. when u hit someone with melee normally they lose a slight...
  8. Shinkawa

    Why no Androids in ESF?

    Well since ESF is based upon the DBZ series, I see no reason that there is not an Android in the game? This would add more players to the evil side...seems that ESF has more good players than evil, the only real evil people are Freiza, Cell and Buu if you dont count the last few Buu episodes.
  9. E

    When will the androids be brought into esf

    i know that esf has no intention of bringing in movie chars. but when will the androids be entered into esf will it be in later betas or will you just add them individually after its full release. or are they still in a planning phase. last question (promise) will there be a power up for them...
  10. R

    The Androids

    i want to ask if anyone of you are making androids. Not real androids but the skins of them :)
  11. C


    What about Android 13 the big blue guy?He would be a pretty cool replacement model. Lookin for a pic.
  12. Optional


    I made this for NightShade; I was planning on showing it to him, but he is never on! >< This map is perfect for: Duels Large Battles Training It is a big, foggy mountain with like 15 spawns for each team! Pic:
  13. A


    they should add androids in the game:) ;D
  14. NightShade

    very shocked

    I am kinda shocked noone has made the alien things goku was wearing when he came back to earth finding trunks. if you have then sorry dont see it
  15. icu2

    map request

    can someone make a snow map a map like the place tien and his little friend trained when they where waiting for the androids to arrive
  16. K


    we need more villains so why not the androids?
  17. X

    Should the Androids be in ESF? | VOTE |

    Well not all the Androids Reveal certain Moves but they can be made up. Like a super Generic Beam or something. I remember Dr. Gero had Eye beams. and 18 does some kind of Kienzan like attack in Super Butouden 3 along with two other signature moves which I forgot. Android 17 just plain...
  18. Grim`


    do you like my crappy pictures ? :/ ( crappy ) i think they suck :/
  19. X

    The Androids? :|

    I dont know about you. But I wanna see Android 13/17/18 in this mod badly :| Those three Androids are my Favorite. Well, Aside 16. I dont exactly know 18's Attacks. But if you've played Super Butouden 2/3 for SNES She has some neet attacks. Dont know what their called though, But who...
  20. S


    Hey ya'll,im still kinda new to dbz so please dont hurt me I was just wondering if any of the androids were ginna be in the beta,especially 16(the big dude with orange hair and green suite),becouse he is one of my fav characters,and i would luv playing as him.Please be nice if this stuff has...