1. M

    Mike Tyson v.s. Muhammad Ali

    One of the oldest debates known to man (well, at least to my generation). If Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali were both in their prime and were matched up, who do you think would win? Personally, I think Muhammad Ali would win due to his graceful foot work, his ability to dodge punches, and his...
  2. Soulicro

    Yo, iss Ali G, innit?

    Man, I cant get enough of this guy. Saw the movie, saw every episode of the show so far, and hes just freakin hilarious. I love this guy. So, naturally, I just had to make something bout him :) I know the pics are a bit off when it comes to quality, but I worked with what I could find and...
  3. O

    garlic jr

    i wanna make a garlic jr model but i wanna ask you guys if you wanna have it because i know 5 DBZ mod and only Ebfp has one. Now this is what i was thinking about: -Make it for BUU Attacks: 1-melee 2-ki 3-generic beam 4-belly blast 5-Dead zone Explain the Deadzone: make the...
  4. |Da|K|

    new poster...the same as all the others?

    Made a new poster for some reason i like this noe the best outa all my posters.... DA LiNK Critz&Comments plz
  5. H

    Smos Goku Edits

    I was just goofing off, and since I like to play in the EVM server, I edited Smo's goku.. here, take a look... <BR><IMG SRC=""><BR>Credits go to Smo, of course, for his SSJ and SSJ3 models, and to the original team for the...
  6. Lone Wolf

    Tunnel... O.o

    Me wants critz! CRITZ! so I can improve.... done in photoshop :P Kinda ugly O_o Abstract art isnt my strong point.... but then digital designs isnt either O.o Pencil and paper is always good :D
  7. T

    namek goku skin

    The namek goku skin needs alittle fixing his neck and waste r cut in half but other then that its good if you can ssj 4 gogetenks please fix and email me at [email protected]
  8. TehMuffinMan

    Nasty Dragon Release!!!

    YAY!!!! anyways.. this is a replacement pack for almost everything related with the dragon, it replaces the dragon model into a torturing device, it replaces the dragonballs with 7 esf characters heads, it changes the sounds to somthing i cannot explain (heh) anyways.. enough of the words...
  9. GhostfaceKillah

    Indy Art: Biohazard

    Been a while since I've shown something, well here it is: Done completly in Photoshop. Critz/comments please.
  10. |Da|K|


    Exceptince watcha all think?
  11. Froggo

    Second skin try.. Still Going Cyborg

    hehe Still trying cyborg but ive think ive gone alittle better then last time and if you look close you can actually see the skin looking like its been peeled of Credits go to: Shijing (aka. BIG BOSs) And [J] (aka. Gjohn) and me for the skin edit, nothing special Just tell me...
  12. TehMuffinMan

    BIG BAD...uhh... THING!

    MWHAHAHAH! anyways.. this is just a reskin and model edit of the tien model released on redsaiyan a while back, its ingame and i'll release soon ^_^ pics pic pics!
  13. Jimesu_Evil

    Yamcha release

    Here's my yamcha model for all those Yamcha fans out there who are sick of waiting for Pr0 to release his. Credits to AzN Dragon for the base model, Teen Gohan. Download Here. *EDIT* Now that RS is back up, here's the updated D/L link.
  14. HitmanXtreme

    I've got a Problem

    Everytime when I start I'm stucking in the ground and I must beam myself out before I can play.
  15. E

    Gundam WallPaper

    I got bored today and tried to expriment alittle with the brush again. It didnt turn out as well as I thought it would but i tried.
  16. G

    Fighting Candy

    ok ive got an idea for the fighting candy itll take place for evil buu ;) ill make the model someone can skinmap it and then ill skin it ill need an animator sounds would be cool and that would be it ^_^
  17. dudeman

    new wallaper... again

    comments? anyone?
  18. S

    Comes there anny ssj2 3 and 4???

    O_o do someone can make that u start ssj 1 then 2 then 3 then 4???? then the game is funnyer so plz make becuas ur so ssj O_o Greetz Supa Brollie and already THNX
  19. F

    Super Vegeta model complete.

    Yep, it's done. I just need someone to host it for me. pm me if you want the job! Original Vegeta Model by ESF team, Edits done by me.
  20. E

    Everyone in here should do this!

    Go here check it out