1. N

    Transing in the Air Edit

    Im not sure if this would have to do with models or coding, but it would be better to make it if ur in the air ur trans looks different, like with Trunks wen he transes in the air it looks a bit weird. So each person has like an air version of there trans, it would make it a bit more realistic...
  2. sithlord

    gravity chamber

    Can someone make a map inside a huge gravity chamber? It would be cool to have battles at 400G...maybe the map could even have some training bots or something :D
  3. A

    Map slopes

    I was just wondering, how come on some maps (e.g. esf_guru) when you run on some slopes and hit a slight change in the slope, it sends you into the air?
  4. D

    Air Jordan XI Gray -Size 9.5(III VI XIII)

    Anybody interested in these shoes?: Then click NOTE: You must have an ebay account, and the outbid $30. Yeah, I know they're tight. Please respond if you're thinking of buying them, or if your gonna outbid $30.
  5. Skyrider

    Faster air melee recover.

    i saw on 1 of the episodes to recover faster in air when you are hit... example: *when you are hit by melee. and you fly away. and then after a few sec. you can recover. now my idea whas to recover faster. like put pure energie in the recover to stop instantly when you are...
  6. Warrior_Elite45

    Any Ideas For A Map?

    Can someone give me an idea for what they think would be a cool map? Keep in mind it should be fairly easy to make. I wanna make somethin you guys will like, so I want your opinion. Thanks.
  7. Skinnerfool

    Vegeta in chrome Suit!! Come and get it!

    Here is the link and i will post the pics later sorry Vegeta None SSJ Vegeta SSJ-Majin Credit to AZN and ESF TEAM
  8. A

    Crashing into air

    as everyone knows when a melee hits you, you fly back, and hit the nearest wall, but since alot of maps dont have walls, instead the maps just suddenly stop, i think it would be alot better if the edges of the maps were set with like cliff faces or buildings or something, just so you had...
  9. S


    hey im a mapper and i was wondering like in all your map the ground is so well made i mean some are just tooo well made i was wondering if you use gensurf? or other terrain generator i can also see where you hand craft..... i was wondering for future refrence incase i want to make a map for esf...
  10. Yoh Asakura

    Crouching in Air

    :idea: when you crouch in air it should show you flying down wit one leg streched out and other bent instead of the regular stance when going down.
  11. S

    Sky Map?

    I would love having a mid air map, where you can duke it out among the clouds... I mean, there would be white fluffy clouds, but inside all the fluff there's an invisible platform, so if you fly runs out you can land on one of those. In the distance you should be able to see Kami's tower...
  12. P

    air dash ala megaman style

    dou you know magaman X versions(example, mgaman x4,megaman x5 etc), well one the directional buttons, when you press right 2 times and at the second consecutive time, holding the right arrow button, megaman will then dash right??? I was thinking if this could be implemented in ESF, well in...
  13. V3g3t@


    what kind of maps are there anyway i want a cool namek map or so
  14. DiebytheSword

    Last pic for now . . .

    SSJ2 Cucumba doing his Cucumba Burst attack. Right click and select "copy shortcut". Then paste in a new browser window :D Well . . . the left arm is funkeh, but I was attempting to draw it broken. :) Lemmie know what you think!
  15. DJ-Ready

    My 2nd map is finished...

    Hehe, today i´ve finished a new alpha version of my new"S2k_Skyfight" map.... it will be released tomorrow... *g* so check out my 2nd map but remember that there aren´t so much details...but they would be added in a few days and it will be have a new skymap.
  16. G

    Top Of Maps ??

    when i get to close to the top of the map and i fire a beam down it hits invisble air and blows up .... kinda annoyin havin a fully charged FF firing it and havin it explode for no reason ( ps this also happens on the ground )