1. final shine

    help with adobe flash

    so yea i suck at it D:, me and a frend of mine workin on a site and we need something that we just cant figure out how to do it, so if you guys can help or know someone that can help us it wold be great here it goes... 1. Suppose we have a picture divided into 3 areas (head, torso, legs). 2...
  2. G

    Adobe Photoshop CS2 HELP

    I just downloaded this and i dunno how to make Sigs and all that, can someone give me a tutorial, i am new to all this making Pics thanks, Also how do i get in the CRAZY texts ?
  3. Growler

    Adobe Illustrator Help (Vector Art)

    I want to do some vector art on my friend's image. Im really familiar with Adobe PS (Elements) but not with AI. This is the one I did in PS, but It took tons of time and all in all, the result wasn't that great. I want to lines smoother, instead of so choppy; so this is why I want to work on...
  4. DragonDude

    Adobe Buys Macromedia Check out the former Macromedia's website if you don't believe me. At first, I didn't believe it either. Two giants of multi-OS and online content have merged. Apparently $3.4 billion can get quite a bit done. =o
  5. I

    Anyone good with Adobe Audition?

    I got the basic editing down and i'm pretty good at it. there's all these ways of editing, but i haven't found anything on "creating" so i was wondering if there was ways for creating instrumentals? *like making patterns of beats*
  6. Soulicro

    Adobe After Effects

    I have just gotten the program, version 6.0 pro. So I start it up hyped to try some new stuff, but im just kinda stuck... I started it up saying "hey ill explore" but this is just kinda confusing... any one here knows how to use the program and mind sharing some information? or anyone know a...
  7. R


    Ok I was bored again to death this time....then suddenly this idea pops out of my head Copy and paste the link,I'm not bothering with renaming to .txt because people using browsers other than IE would have display probs.... I need some...
  8. U

    Quick Skinning Question

    I want to change the Color of a Gohan skin I have. I want to make it more red. I have Adobe Photoshop and I was wondering if I could easily change the color with a tool there, or do I have to completly reskin the whole thing.
  9. N

    newb at makein skins plz help!

    I was just wonderin how to color stuff... I just made a little kirby so ya I need help bad!!! :scared: o_o
  10. Darkside

    mspaint work

    i was bored so drew a guy on MSPaint
  11. esfn00b

    Moving pics

    How do i make a moving picture? Like some people have as avatars or in their sigs. I know that you have to use a .gif file or something, but how can i make one? e.g:
  12. D

    Where can I get .. ?

    Does anyone here know where I can get a skinning program? THAT IS FOR FREE!
  13. U

    Recomplie Models, animation help

    I just got Adobe Photoshop and Milk Shape 3-D, I have decomplied a model, but i can't open it up in Milk Shape, I used the search and read the stickies but i can't find the answer, please help me
  14. B

    ok one thing before my models so please help

    ok 2 thing: 1.How do i make the electric thing like in ssj 2 gohn. 2.How do i color my model so it will look like body color? after this i will create my models so please i need help p.s if you dont know so dont post please
  15. V

    best skin tool for models out there ?

    Whats a good skinning toool i really would like to know i want to model but i suck i could prob skin
  16. M


    Im trying to make backgrounds and logo's with adobe photoshop but ive never workt with 7.0 so i don't now **** about 7.0 could someone help me add me to youre msn [email protected]
  17. ssj999vegeta

    how me colour hair good?

    im making my first skin right and i wanna know how to get the hair colour right, i tried copying the style another model but it did nt look good,how can i do this?
  18. Abhorsen

    how do i skin on milkshape 3D

    if u can help plz do.................
  19. warboy

    help i need....

    help i need a skin program i cant find none plz help:paper: :confused: :warning:
  20. Black Saiyan


    Can some please tell me what i need to skin and model cause i tried milk somthing i got lost in that so some please tell me -Black Saiyan
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