1. R

    about ssj3goku

  2. M

    the code

    whats the code for a sig? on almost every board is it but that doesn't work here as you can see below can someone post me the code? if its working i will show the sig in this treath so don't close please....
  3. -Dark Shadow-

    Post your msn address so if someone you want to arrange to play against you can add!

    ok mine is [email protected] AliCa is not my name it is like my first and second :D
  4. TehMuffinMan

    >>>frieza saga goku!!!<<<<<

    thats right, here he is, goku! copy the images into your browser to see the wonder! and what youve been waiting for, The file!!! hope u enjoy it. and if u...
  5. D

    A little thing I made to get pl's up on lan server

    If you're just playing by youself and you want to see the transformations or whatever I made a little map, it's big enough to have a little fight but it's not really meant for fighting. It basically has all the dragon balls together and each time you use them they spawn in the same place...
  6. V

    Models and skins

    :devil: Hi ihr esforces hersteller! Wo kriege ich models und maps für esforces her? Schreibt mir bitte die seite auf meine e-mail adresse auf!! [email protected] Ps:Cooles Game
  7. R

    My new model

    Well heres my newest model... 1300 polies or so... You'll probably have to copy paste the address into your own bar, sorry about that... the ftp aint workin... aight lazy sons of.... good people...
  8. S

    IRC Server Address & Channel

    Hi... I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to post ESF's IRC Channel & the IRC Network it can be found on? The IRC section on this web site doesn't list only tries to install a java irc client. Frankly I find those java client deals to be almost useless, would prefer to...
  9. SA_Gohan

    My first ever artwork post!

    Finally. It is time. This picture is a drawing of the character Jana, who is in a dbz fanfic I'm working on. It's not my latest drawing (not including coloring, that was done last week), but I have tweaked a few stuff on it. It's not quite done yet, but I'll probably finish it up in the next...
  10. M

    Gohan model

    made this a while ago and never got around to finishing the hair or muscle tone. still, take a peek and enjoy the.... roundness. take a look at the index for a few other models (non...
  11. SsjKakarot450


    anyone tell me the web address of Dragon Mod Central, i'd really appriciate it. thanks
  12. S

    hey check this out it is done

    and it is only for FOC HAHAHAHAHA
  13. Darkness

    My first model edit

    first try took half an hour i know its nothing special but what are your honest opinions remember its my first one Just goto
  14. xstortionist

    my blank-man model for my online comic

    here he is. I just started this last week but i haven't really been able to work on him cause ive been busy with baseball and my enw web page. i've spent about a whole 30 minutes on him.
  15. S

    CELL GAME!!!!!!!!(soz wrong email address)

    soz the e mail address i gave u in the last post was my old one it keeps on buggering up when i try to reply to your e mails this is the right one [email protected] peace out:tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired:
  16. Q

    Please send me all ur models

    Send me all ur models so i can post them on my new ESF fan page and give them publicity i will also review them:yes: