1. sub

    New feature added: Weekly 20% increase of Sub's arcade scores.

    To make the arcade more challenging and fun for others, I've set up an automated system that'll increase the scores of myself by 20% once a week. It'll be done every Monday. It's only a 20% increase weekly, I highly doubt you'll suffocate or die instantly because of that.
  2. Skyrider

    New feature added: Weekly 5% decrease of #1 high-scores.

    To make the arcade more challenging and fun for others, I've set up an automated system that'll decrease the high-score of the person that is on #1 of the game by 5%. It'll be done weekly, on a Monday. I know that the idea is to beat people's high-scores (as I've been pointed out). But it beats...
  3. Skyrider

    Pixlr added on the forums - Online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images

    Pixlr is a free online photo editor. I've recently added this on the forums for you guys to use. Edit, adjust and filter your images easily. For now, it can be found under "Quick Links" under the "Forum Features" tab. You can use it by using the following link...
  4. Skyrider

    Games Added & Removed

    Games that has been removed: - The Wizard of Blox 2 Reason: Easy score with the walk-through. Others are still under consideration. New games added: - Magnetic Marble - Steampunk Killer - Icecream disasters - Alien Incursion Survival - Samurai Fruits - Adapt - Shopping Cart Hero 3
  5. Skyrider

    New game added: 10 Bullets

    10 Bullets Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  6. Gspy

    2 New United States Servers Added!!!

    I was bored this afternoon and saw zero United States ESF Servers... well thats fixed now I have added in 2 new servers to the list professionally hosted by 2 separate company's. I'm going to see which one is better and keep the one whos best at the end of the month. 8 Slot FFA Server...
  7. Skyrider

    New arcade games added - #2

    , , , , , , , , GAMES REMOVED: - None. Have any suggestions? let me know. Good luck folks!
  8. Skyrider

    New arcade games added - Berzerk Ball

    - (Berzerk Ball) A similar game of what phrack asked for. Smash the "nerd" as far as you can: Whatever, you do, don't reload the page/game. You'll lose your savegame / experience points & money. You can however, just copy/paste your final score within this thread if you wish. Click on...
  9. Skyrider

    New arcade games added - #1

    New arcade games added! (Curveball) - The game that Grega wanted to be re-added. (Frogger) - I'm sure everyone knows this game. (Yeti Sports) - You are given 5 tries to get to the highest score! (Ping) - A simple game of ping. If you see any new games outside the ones I mentioned above...
  10. Skyrider

    Forum updated - Added new looks & features

    Today I've updated the forums to the latest version. Along with that, I've added 3 new things. - New avatar/profile looks at the left side of each post. I've done this to make the looks better than the previous style. It's blue to match with the main forum style of the forums. - Default...
  11. Skyrider

    Forum Arcade System and Steam IM card Added

    I'm pretty sure a lot of you people already noticed that the forum now has an arcade system to get you guys entertained besides reading & posting. The Arcade system can be found; 1), By clicking here: 2), By clicking the "Forum Arcade" under "Forum Games"...
  12. L

    water pushing

    this game gets so much nice effects added and i wanted to ask if its possible to add a feature that water can get pushed away by a strong aura. in dragonball they stood sometimes in water and activated their auras and well the aura pushed away the water.they now stood on a dry ground...
  13. Skyrider

    Arcade System/Games added on Forums!

    As some of you already know, you are now able to play Aracde Games here on the forums, submit your highscore and create tournaments! More games will be added very soon, while the buggy games or the unpopular games will be removed so the game list won't be so cluggy. While that is being done, all...
  14. sub

    NOVA videos added to Hulu! Check them out, most of them are really good. Especially the Four Winged Dinosaur episode.
  15. V

    Can Turles and Hachihyaku be added in?

    Can the characters Turles and Hachihyaku be added in? They're my favourite characters and havn't been in many Dragon ball games.
  16. KYnetiK

    Added Beam Control

    Just a quick suggestion thats probably been said before but I couldnt find with a quick search. After one fires a beam, the player can press RMB to detonate the beamhead, and LMB to let go of the attack. The beam leaves the players control and continues on its last trajectory until it...
  17. Skyrider

    Spoiler BB Tag/Code added upon Request.

    Delta private messages me with a request that a spoiler tag should be added on the forums as it would be quite useful. Well, just wanted to let you all know I've added it on the forums. Heck, it wasn't even a real plugin either ^_^... In any case, use the following code: With result, you...
  18. Skyrider

    IRC Java Chat & Thread Password System Added!

    Because not a lot of people were interested in the Chat/Shout box here on the forums, I changed this in to a IRC Java Instead. Now, the Java IRC works fine but there are a few problems with it. For one, you cannot join it with special symbols as it attempts to connect to GameSurge IRC with your...
  19. M

    Things You Want Added or Fixed

    Title explains it. What fixes or additions are you waiting for with any game? I'm waiting for VALVe to have gunfire illuminate the surrounding area that you are firing from.
  20. J-Dude

    Added New RAM; Occasionally getting BSOD: Should I be concerned...?

    Decided to upgrade my computer a few days ago and bought a gigabyte stick of RAM from Newegg. I previously had two sticks of 512 RAM (1GB) that was PC 3200, 184 pin DDR RAM. That's EXACTLY the type that I bought. I researched and made sure before doing anything stupid. Well, I got it...
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