1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Voice Acting?

    theres bound to be some good impersonators in this forum, how about some custom speeches for the game?
  2. Neon

    Mouse acting up..

    Recently I've been getting a problem with my mouse. It would disconnect and play the USB unplug sound, then reconnect and play another sound. Occasionally it'd stay disconnecting for long periods, or never reconnect again unless I unplug it and reconnect it manually. At first I figured it...
  3. D

    VOICE ACTING!, wtf?

    Yes yes, you probably wonder what the heck this is about. I am an animator with 6 years of experience, And I have just started a Dragonball z story animation. It has a custom story with one custom character in it. I have animated quite alot untill now, also I am thanking ESF makers here for...
  4. Kaination

    Voice Acting :)

    I need voice acting. I dont have anything down, but im going to make a collection of movies making fun of nickelodeon shows. I.E. I have the fairly odd parents done. My next idea is to have rugrats sit there, and have tommy say "Lets go **** with Angelica!" Then have Chuckie step up and...
  5. Kaination

    My ps2 memory card is acting up

    wtf! i was sitting there ready to play DDR, and it asks me if i wanna start a new file. i check if my memory card is there and its there, so i play a little and i decide to check it out. i goto memory card: "Would you like to format your memory card?" i have a choice of Format or...
  6. Android17

    Voice Acting

    Hey, I am new here so I dont know much about the game. I am a voice actor, and I have a love for dbz and esf. The reason why I am posting is because I have the ability to do some of the characters from the show, and I would be interested in helping out with my talents if they could be used for...
  7. I

    My Camera is acting weird :S

    I was playing the game all whent well :) then i wanted to switch to first person so i wanted to press F4 but i accedently pressed F3 ok can happen... Then i pressed F4 and i was in first person like normally happens but i couldnt switch back my no matter what i did i couldnt switch back to...
  8. Synth

    Half-Life Acting Up

    Ever since i decided to download esf and play it once more i keep getting all these errors. half life just shuts off are it comes up.....HL ERROR if the problem continues blah blah blah. does anyone have any advice or am i just going to have reinstall everything?
  9. Death The Jedi

    Battle Damaged Cloud

    I know it's not the best re-skin ever, but it's only the 2nd time I've opened a skin in photoshop. Credits: Shijing, darkstryphe
  10. A

    Kai Suit Gohan (pr0's) release..

    Ok, pr0 said I could release these... He doesnt really care anymore.. And I see a lot of people who want it.. So, I decided to release ONE of his edits.. Kai Suit Gohan. Credits: 1. AzN 2. DC Darkling 3. The Pr0, the edit.. 4. Xstortionist 5. Mastasurf *Edit* Host found...
  11. M

    smo's goku

    Don't see you on the mod list so you shouldn't be acting like one ;X. Anyway, I've lost it, and NEITHER of the links work, nor does red saiyan. Evidently some mod decided to have my question go unasked. Anybody have a link?
  12. G

    My first attempted model! O_O

    Saaan my first stupid gun model ROFL!!!!!!! anyway crits are welcome on how to make it better if anyone wants to skin it PM me! XD
  13. A

    I just got 3ds Max 5.1 and I need help

    Alright, how do I open the .mdl model files with this? I have tried Milk whatever and Gmax but nothing will open the .mdl files.
  14. N

    Devil or sum1 acting like .FM.

    YO i was playing at my friends house (my cd-roms broken) and someone crashed the server named .FM. i think devil is impersonating alot of people or its some 1 else cuz .FM. is mostly on the forums i dont know who but they typed freeze latez jus trying to inform yall.
  15. imported_Da_G

    See model

    Can other people see my models that i have downloaded
  16. G

    how dow i mack a map in valve hammer editor

    if u can help? plz do
  17. X

    esf_androids (Not Done)

    --------------------Off Topic--------------------- Well guys. Before I show off this map, just wanna say that I gotta disconnect my Internet Account. See, I aint getting any support around the house from my mother or my step brother so, I gotta go find me another job. I've only had 6 Month...
  18. H

    My Vegetto Skin from NED's model

    Here they are.. they're my very first, so don't be too harsh. <IMG SRC=""> <BR> <IMG SRC="">
  19. S

    Dakd plz read!

    Dakd have u relised your android 17 yet?? because i have been looking for a long time plz msg me to tell me if u have or not or if some one can tell me if there is one already out ! thx
  20. I

    Bots acting weird!!

    sometimes when my internet is down I plat against bots. but after a few kills they go charging up and then they can move very very very fast and the console says: "trace backed up past ...." what is it can it be fixed?? it doesnt crash or anything but it pretty annoying and then you melee them...