1. Mkilbride

    The SOPA Act Continues To Get Dirtier

    Sauce: Well, there you go. This is about Internet Censorship for those who didn't know. I never imagined they'd be with the tyranny. It's like have a homicide case, and in the Court Room, the witnesses who...
  2. Deathshot

    The Streaming/Youtube act.

    The United States Senate is in the process of considering bill S.978, a bill "To amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright," or as you might know it, the Anti-Streaming Bill. If bill S.978 passes, you could be jailed for streaming video games, or even...
  3. Avenger

    A selfless act.

    Have you really everperformed a selfless act? Do selfless acts exist? Discuss!
  4. TwisteR

    The, dont act like a mod, remark

    Ive seen this happen many many times. Moderators, doing their job, tell the forum posters not to act like a mod. I can understand a mod telling someone this if its not their thread, but the person who made the thread should be able to ask not to start any trouble. You should be able to somewhat...
  5. B

    need modlers and skiners.

    Hi... listen i am building a mod to esf i need 3 modelers and 2 skiners if any1 intrasting talk to me in icq 146481745 and another thing.... i am always invisible on icq... so write to me even if i am offline 10x brnet
  6. warboy

    brolly sounds??

    hey i need brolly sounds for my brolly can someone get me some?
  7. F


    well im super noob at modelling but i wonder is the best way to start by editing other models first cuz its hard to make ur own model cuz u gotta make the outline and then u gotta make it more detailed correcT?
  8. D


    Does any one know how to get into the under ground room
  9. Z

    Vegeta .. Host ?

    Uhm, I'd like to get this hosted :/ . I'm gonna release it .. (Crits not welcome, I won't redo anything) The boots are from the originall one (I'm to lazy) and MR_Smo is the one that edited my head and did the upper back part. Thank u smo :) .. That's it .. I'd like someone to host it...
  10. Kman3252

    Young Goku

    This is a model by Tomwoof. Its avaible free at turbo Squid but it is a lightwave file. If anyone has this program and could make it into a .mdl file that would be awseme. :yes: :yes: :yes: pic...
  11. Skyrider

    Redsaiyan add files..... Do it now.

    ok.. due my vacation. and due that spin is never online.. well.. maybe he is on vacation.... anyway. i am going away for 1 week.. so if you want to upload a file to rs. plz. contact me RIGHT away. cuz i am going away VERY soon! less then 6 hours (+ sleeping ) soo... just PM or email me.. check...
  12. S

    I made a nice new map, was wondering something

    I made a nice map that is sortof similar to the arena in the martial arts series of DBZ, and i want to know how to send it to the leader of the ESF team, mabye if he likes i could get it added in the next version, or mabye even get on there team as a mapper? :) Any info on how to send is...
  13. A


    I was wonderin if anyone has made a Zero or Megaman model for esf. Zero would look good in it it think .
  14. D

    Need animator(s)

    I need a/some animator/s to animate some player models Contact me on icq : 119624787 or msn [email protected]
  15. catfish

    Simple mapping question

    Can anyone tell me some things... 1. How do I make a brush have the sky texture? Should this be 6 different brushes or 1 big brush that consumes the whole map? - answered in a sticky and found it. 2. If I make a "box" ie: 6 brushes that act as walls and overlap at the corners how can i...
  16. K

    .ACE to.MDL

    Some one wanna tell me how to change a .ACE file to a .MDL (or if i can) so i can use some of the odd files i get sometimes.
  17. L

    Kimi's Look out textures

    I need Kimi's look out textures, would some one be able to make me them, or found some that i could use for it?
  18. G

    Need Help With Bryce

    Mmkay I have bryce now and loaded it up for the first time. I'm looking for someone that can help me with the first steps of Bryce. If you know it well and wanna help please do. Contact me by MSN: [email protected]
  19. M

    AFC Model Credits

    If your model is uploaded on and there is no credit please tell me what model is yours and who you are !!!!!!! Send your model credits to [email protected]
  20. Nuttzy

    env_model?, solid?

    im learning mapping ive learned all the usually missed steps from bob and a few other people, i HAVE got maps in game, now i made a model of samus's spaceship, it shows up ingame just fine id post a screenie, but im about to go to sleep, but its not solids, you can walk right through it, how do...