1. DJ-Ready

    Want to cancel your AOL account? Good luck!

    lol, my brother just sent me this ... its hilarious
  2. Shadyghost

    Got an half-life 2 account

    so i got ESF, but because hl1 is called hl-source i don't think it recognizes on the setup,and i can only install on dedicated server folder...another thing i don't have hl1.exe it uses hl2.exe that esf setup or maybe my steam doesn't recognize. So i ask how do i solve this? do i have to buy...
  3. dan_esf_fanatic

    Can I play ESF with my friend online using the same account?

    Well, can I? I've tried it, but he says he can't see my server and I cant see his.
  4. V

    please delete my account

    please delete this account and my profile, thanks
  5. V

    delete my account

    please delete this account and my profile, thanks
  6. S

    Account Information

    I managed to find out what my old ESForces account was on the forums. Unfortunatley I do not remember the password since I created it in 2003 and left it until a few months ago I created this one since I could not remember what my old account was. I was wondering if a moderator or an admin can...
  7. adrix

    Steam account

    Please tell me working steam account number. I want to play online.
  8. B

    My Steam Account got Deleted!!!

    I just got internet back after not haveing it for 3-4 months, I proceeded to get back into Steam and ESF and when I enter my account information, it says my account either dosen't exist or the passwords wrong!! I have my account information in a text document on my computer and i simply can't...
  9. Valeska

    Started A Deviant Account take a look sometime, i made this because i couldnt post any nude/girl art on forumz. so yeah there art some nude art, but nothing hurtfull for children ther eyes or anything else. ill try to make it look good and proffesional but i'm extremely new to deviant...
  10. Tassadar

    FFXI Account Recovery

    Alright, so... I have a new video card, and I want to check out what's going on in the FFXI world. I cancelled my Content ID months back, and forgot my ID/Password. I can't make a new account because my cd keys are in use (by me obviously). I checked the support page and I couldn't find...
  11. E

    Humungo Problem with STeam account HELP!!

    i recently played ESF while i had Steam installed then my PC crashed and i had it cleaned out so i try loging in again with the same account then it asked for my CD Key i put the key down the it said that it was duplicated and it was already running on a account can some one help me PLEASE...
  12. D

    My account. mods?

    ES_TANK, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you...
  13. S

    Steam account problem

    Erm, k well i bought myself a new hl cd key to register on steam, and i made a new Steam account name as "Styxy" and now the steam dir is c/program/steam/steamapps/styxy and whenever i try to add 1.1 there it just wont show up.. in third party games. so it seems it may only show up under a...
  14. micfiygd

    account name

    how do you change the words under your name mine just say registerd user and i want sumtin else
  15. C

    Pikkon release.. pikkon :P Credits to: Me (CrackerJack/Un1imi73d) Nuttzy Shijing Morone :fight:
  16. OubliezJe

    hosting please ?

    Hey will someone please hostmypictures so tehy show up all the time instead of half of the time ;( please i only need a few.... :shocked:
  17. Viki@killer

    Conversion Gohan to Sonic

    I am making total conversion of Gohan to Sonic,with all animations,sounds and sprites...And with his speedy aura(blue orb).This is only for those who downloaded Sonic from RedSaiyan.Who wants it,GRAB IT!!!
  18. S

    what did he do now

    what did tridan do nowwhy cant he do a thread. and why did it have to happened when his was going to show his first model pic of me tridan what did i do rong now. O_o
  19. B

    Help to a HTML Noob

    Hey If youre taking youre time to read this then i must say "Thank you" otay now on to the problem i have made a few wallpapers and wanna release them but i dont know where to have a host and i would also like it to be a place where you can see once avatar and sig so can you give me a...
  20. W

    My deviant !

    hey first of all i got to tell you all something. Awhile back i was kicked out of this forum because i ripped artwork from other artists it realy toke me a hard time but id learned something from it and that is that people need respect for what they did and i realy feel sorry for what i did...