1. FalconFury

    I am leaving and i want this account terminated/perma-ban

    Yea, its been over a f___ing year i've joined ESF. Now I'm leaving and I want the admins and the moderators to terminate/perma-ban my account so my email will not be shown on my profile and all of my informations. I want to leave because most of these people in this community doesn't want me...
  2. |klaus

    I can't validate my steam account.

    I have Half-Life 1 Original, and i can't validate my account of the forum. The system does not work when i try to log in. Thanks for the help.
  3. Heron

    [Competition] Win a premium minecraft account!

    This competition IS deceptively simple, but it's a major challenge to express something most people do not recognize or really appreciate what it means in your life. The word is 'Ego', try to explain this word at the level of what you know. I am not looking for the best grammatical...
  4. Mkilbride

    BioWare / EA says they will disable your account / games for negative posts.

    So recently, a user on the BioWare forums left a negative review of some aspects of Dragon Age II. He went to go play it, only to find he was banned from it for 72 hours...for his comments made on the forums. This is out of control these days...I can understand if he did something illegal...
  5. DaFeLa

    I Trade my Steam account!

    ~ Not allowed
  6. C

    Help i cant verify my account

    i know this is the wrong forum but i cant post in that one :P duh because i cant verify so i click this link and it says VHost Not Found The VHost you requested doesn't exist. so.... yeah
  7. S

    Cant create an account on Steam

    Guys i just wana buy Half Life for ESF.But when i try to register it says try again later the whole time.Im from Turkey and im gona use a English Creditcard.Why cant i register??? ---------- Double Post below was added at 07:01 PM has been merged with this post created 06:21 PM at ----------...
  8. The Deco

    The who does/doesn't have a facebook account Thread!

    Lets see how much Facebook got spread in this forum. Simple, every person who posts here will say if he has or not a Facebook account. If you have a Facebook account but you don't use it anymore, don't say you have one. Of course you can expand your answer if you wish. I don't have...
  9. Deathshot

    Steam Account Giveaway!

    Alright guys! Its time for my Steam Account Giveaway. I am giving away a Steam account to a random person. The steam account has Half-life 1 only but its free. Tell me who wants to be apart of it and I will add you name to the raffle. I will be drawing a Random Name on June 5th for the...
  10. Deathshot

    Steam Account Calculator

    Yup. Its nice to see that they finally got it fixed.
  11. Otpidarp

    Silly situation, Please Help Me!

    Guys, its my bad luck that I forgot my Steam password. I made a new account and I wanted a new Half-Life CD from the shop. Unfortunateley, there wasn't any Half-Life CD left, but I did see a Counter-Strike CD. So, I just want to ask that will I be able to run ESF's final version using...
  12. Zero12

    Hello people

    Hi the names Zero12 and i love me some esf and half life you will remember me as vegetafan or something forgot that account well i got half life by steam ;) and now i will use it with the right way i will now play some esf now lol and i will respect the rules nicely and the right way yes i like...
  13. P

    How do i open ESF Open Beta: Final?

    Hey guys. I just downloaded the ESF Open Beta: Final.. But theres no shortcut or EXE in the folder.. I installed it over Steam/SteamApps/accountname/Half-life And there is no icon of the Games List either?
  14. Damaera

    Warning Logs

    Warned Micknel for creating an account just to troll an insult me. All future warnings by me and other people will be posted here.
  15. Pommy

    problem with account

    hey i am unable to log into my account, im not sure if this is the right place to put this but I had a account I had registered a few years ago and I dont know the email address for it I dont think I have it anymore or I just forget i dont know but I dont remember the password either, can anyone...
  16. Prozac

    Need help from someone in America with steam + paypal account.

    Hey everyone, Right now, in the states, there is a big discount on Assassins Creed, it's five whole dollars. However it's an American thing only. So I was wondering if someone who has steam and paypal would gift it to me, while I'll pay you 5 Euro. I know it sounds a bit troublesome, but...
  17. M

    How do i delete this forum account?

    How can i delete my account on this forum?
  18. Mr.Lukyas

    Your YouTube account!

    Let other people see movies you uploaded :P send your yourube account <-here is mine
  19. Dzamija

    New account, new sig.

    Alright, since I've made myself a new account, I spent about 5-10 mins on this sig, just so I have one. It's nothing special, but at least I tried out something other than anime renders. Critz.
  20. Spunky

    Account Hijacked >_<

    Yep, it finally happened to good 'ol Spunky... Some stupid kids with nothing better to do hijacked my HL2 account (I have an account for HL1 and for HL2)... So now I have to submit a case to Valve and have them give my account back. I hope to god the moron that hijacked my account didn't use it...