1. H

    Cell/Buu Absorb move for ESF 2!

    Well, i have a idea, because buu does not use a part of your body to absorb the opponent? Look like he did against SSJ3 Gotenks. Example: I'm a Buu, and i use the move, the Buu will absorb the Goku (opponent) and will gain his clothes and other appearence and will kill the opponent). and cell...
  2. john_volkov

    Cell Absorb

    So i was thinking about cell absorb and i'v got to this clocusion Cell suld have it but like this if you absorb some one you will gain like 100 000 (buu's donut) and the oponet suld have less de 5 hp to absorb him (like a finishing move) and you will not asscend if you absorb an androyd just...
  3. C

    Absorb: Buu's

    Ok guys I dont know if anyone has think of this but I think buu should get his absorb Attack when his enemy is at a certain % of health he can absorb them, like in the buu saga :), his absorb would be like this look.. Absorb: This move lets you absorb 1/4 of your targets stats and will let...
  4. A

    spirit bomb and death ball absorb all energy attacks

    in the frieza saga itg shows goku's father fire a beam at frieza and his death ball absorbs it, to add this into the game would be cool but to balance it you could make it so that the spirit bomb would aslo absorb the energy attacks, this would also be great for instance if you are joining a...
  5. H

    Buu's ESF1.2 Absorb Attack

    I was reading the set of goals listed for 1.2. I was very intrigued by Buu's absorb attack and I thought this might be cool if it worked like this. First, You only get the attack during the second form of buu. When you select the absorb attack and click FIRE1, Buu throws a chunk of himself...
  6. S

    Absorb Genkidama as Goku SSJ

    I searched the forum and didnt find this suggestion, so here it is: In Movie 7 agains the Androids Goku absorbs the Genkidama as an SSJ. In ESF he cant use Genki while SSJ, so perhaps u could do the following: Either enable the Genki-Powerup as a weapon for SSJ OR (would be cooler) make it...
  7. GoldSaiyan

    Cell Absorb Attack

    I know it is a very hard thing to add in the mod. 3 reasons. 1. Models when the player gets sucked up. 2. Animation of the Cell move. 3. Hard to code? If they are going to add it in the mod, although it's hard to do it will be still cool if you can absorb those people with the tail...
  8. O

    Should you be able to Block Disks or Absorb them with Sheild?

    well in the show nappa cought kirllins disk and many other times krillins disk was blocked or ignored do you think it would be better to have the ability to absorb disks or block them??? would make people stop calling everyone who uses disk a whore just my opinion what do you guys think
  9. L

    Evil Buu?????????

    Darktooth posted pics of Evil Buu, but normally evil Buu is pink like fat buu or kid buu and is this form the form when fat buu is splitted up into the good (fat) buu and the evil (thin) buu?