1. Gama

    Funny F.E.A.R comic (56k Warning)

    So I was browsing the net just reading about F.E.A.R storyline no reason why but then i came across this pretty funny comic. Some may have read it but meh: Ok here is the whole of the F.E.A.R story in one comic! irst all the soilders enter this crazy corridoor facility, to check there...
  2. PiXel

    Perfect Cell - 56k Danger!

    work time: 4 hours Polycount: 2388 Sources: Davidskiwans ref and a couple of dbz pics Pic link: http://img453.imageshack.us/img453/4451/cellwip6pv.jpg Comment: Uhm, some peeps asked me to join a addon for esf, i though i would test myself for it, if i finish a dbz model, im in, if not...
  3. bapplebo

    Test HL2 comic. (56k warning)

    Was terribly bored, and I dunno if this goes in art or offtopic... (shurg). C&C please. Also, its kinda random, but its a test O.O.
  4. Suh Dude

    Awsome Computer Cases *56k warning*

    I found these at the FPS forum, known as the Garry's Mod forums. Not registered there, but it seems they're not really nice there. >_> I want the coffe maker one.. *Drools*
  5. Kurt`

    Ok, since the forums are boring lately [possible 56k alert]

    Post your desktop! D: http://void02.xs.to/pics/05282/desktop3.png (1.2 megs) or http://xs37.xs.to/pics/05284/desktop3.png (if the above link is down) <3 Jessica Alba, </3 JPG color rape
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    My Frozen Water..WARNING 56k!

    Instead of just making a thread for each of these here's all my frozen water pics so far: There are way more coming in the future. Just dunno what else right now :) Would the apple ones be good in black & white or stay in color?
  7. Shuyin

    Meh 56k

    Or so its called....i only manage to get 30kbs out of it though :/ I know there are connection tweaks to make it a little faster, anyone got any tips?
  8. TimTheEnchantor

    Farcry (warning 56k)

    Farcry by TimTheEnchantor -------------------------------------------------------------- Description -------------------------------------------------------------- I've always wanting to do one of these, especially on this scale. To really understand how much fun this was and how odd it...
  9. BU-Master Roshi

    ESF getting to big for 56k download.

    108 MB is to large for my 56k connection. Is there another way to obtain it? Are you going to put it on a CD and mail to those who want it?
  10. Goten-son

    is ESF 56K friendly?

    I searched the forums for this but didnt find an answer, any way I was thinking about getting one of my friends into ESF but he has dial up, is there anyone here on the forums that plays ESF on dial up? I want to know how good it runs on your computer, so my friend doesn't waste his time...
  11. Optional


    Its a biiiiig mappy! screen is in the zip cause me too lazy to upload separatly lol http://www.geocities.com/madness412/tm_earthcanyons.zip EDIT: PIC: http://optional3335.tripod.com/tm_earthcanyons0001.bmp DOWNLOAD THAT WORKS: http://optional3335.tripod.com/tm_earthcanyons.bsp
  12. Deman

    56K Should I join?

    hey, i only have a 56k modem, and I have nevered played any half-life mod over the internet. so my question is, would i lag up the servers too bad if i was to join? Because i dont want to join a game just to hear everyone complain that its getting real laggy.
  13. O

    56K - Pings of Monstrosity

    It seems that every server I go into, I start off with about 300-400 -- nothing bad. Though when I start to "play," it spices up to 1000+. While waiting to see if it lowers a bit, it gets bigger into 4000+ and never lowers, even on dedicated servers. The only times this doesn't happen is when...
  14. B

    yeah but i only have 56k

    i am on a 56k, come on i have alpha, yeah that was 40mb that i can deal with but 100mb i don't think so, do you think i could find it on CD...:cry: :cry:
  15. SCIxX

    Nice game of ESF (56k beware)

    Well I played ESF for few hours and here you see how it wen't :) Well, his score was just so low, I had to laugh :) A sweet powerstruggle with 2 final flashes and 1 kamehameha.
  16. Trov

    To all 56K players...

    How do you guys keep your ping so low? My ping just shoots up to 1000 or more everytime I enter a game. I really want to play with some smart people instead of the dumb bots.
  17. D

    Sig For Grabs

    hey all, i just made a cool sig and it is up for grabs... so reply to this post if you want it...