1. Nuttzy

    Cheap Valentines Ideas

    ok guys, I know im like the 2nd oldest guy here but Im in a pickle. I am unemployed, I have little to no money, and I really really want to try and break my record for how many times I got laid in one night (currently 4, for those wondering, she lives with her mother and has kids so I still...
  2. Mr.Lukyas

    GBD The 2nd Son

    hello, I remember you... HBD man
  3. VideoJinx

    Jinx's Model (2nd attempt)

    Ideas For Pants/Shirtless Samurai/Ninja? Please draw over any ideas, for pants that you'de think would suit the model Current Status: Adjusting neck area, and readjusting the toro's sides and back more. Adding clothes ontop of the model too for practice. OLD Fixed the Torso and made it more...
  4. Dokutayuu

    2nd Son's first skin edit

    Hello all, I believe this is the first thread I've ever made in this section but here it goes. I decided to do some skin tweaks on the 1.2 Goku. Thank you ESF Team for the original model + skin and the Krillin's symbol used on the back. Oh and Darktooth for animating them. I also redid...
  5. G

    School Rumble 2nd semester

    does anyone know where i can watch all the episodes? i cant find it! :'( i lvoe this series :)
  6. E

    2nd Amxx Plugin

    Here's my second plugin I made PL saving plugin.. which does the following. When someone leaves the server it saves his PL and when he comes back he gets his PL back. PL doesnt Affected by going spector/killing self. Also the maximum PL you can have is 2bilion it wont save more then that...
  7. Dokutayuu

    2nd or 3rd Attempt at new sig in 30 minutes

    Hello everyone, it's been a few months but I slapped these in 30 minutes. Have I improved? Paint.NET updated so I could do more stuff...
  8. veqeta

    Making An AMV.... it's my 2nd :O

    hey all i'm making an amv on the dragon shenron, the reason is because not much video's are done on him and i thought it would be unique too... i've gathered a few clips and things around of him and i think i got enough, the music i'm using is "the dragon theme" by bruce faulconer which i think...
  9. Alica_goku_ssj4

    2nd transformation

    HOw can i make in evm bots transform higher lvl ??? sry if i'm not allowed to post this here!
  10. Dokutayuu

    2nd attempt Sig+Avatar in 1 hour

    This is the first thread I've made here and the 2nd attemp at making a sig (1st was the one using Hyper Dimension images). Any problems or improvements to be made? EDIT: oops spelt Avatar wrong in title, could a mod please fix :)
  11. Rayne

    2nd Sig

    Made this quickly for a friend, c&c? Edit: I forgot to mention, the text isnt mine... It was given to me for the sig.
  12. I

    2nd try at gohan

    I started a new gohan model, after i had to stop modelling the old one. 1 hour work, just the torso
  13. Ryokeen

    2nd try at gohan

    I started a new gohan model, after i had to stop modelling the old one. 1 hour work, just the torso
  14. Zedge

    ehm.. 2nd 3rd transformation

    Ehm.. i got to my 2nd 3rd transformation... I got that EvolutionX from the esf-word... and my char's look like **** at lvl 2-3.. they're just little red blocks.. :)).. funny.. but.. sad..... i tryed goku & veggeta... they both turn into blocks... can u like.. help me or smth... :smile:
  15. V

    problem with extraciting pain1 and 3 iff this is 2nd post liek this close it

    im having problems extracting pain1 and 3
  16. Mr. Phonso

    Gohan-ascended saiyan, 2nd attempt

    hey all, some of you may remember my old gohan from way back, well second attempt here so i hope this one is better! (perspective) skinmap and skin courtasy of d2, although i totally reskinned the hair and belt, plus did a few adjustments here and there, so big thanks to him ^_^
  17. SotL

    2nd brushing attempt

    My second try at this. note: included a border for the appearance conscious :D
  18. |Overlord|

    The Pope John paul the 2nd

    not sure in any1 will care , but anywho just watching the pope's funeral , it doesn't seem so sad thou , just a message from the church or sumething sayying that life has meaning seems to be the whole style of things at teh moment the pope was a great man , my aunty went to rome juriing...
  19. JTR

    Sasuke 2nd Clothes [WIP]

    I started a Sasuke last night and this is what I got so far: This contains no edits of other my other models.. (Which mostly all my other models is).. Polycount is about 1400.. Hands are really low poly... I just need to give him a head and define toes.. And possibly something...
  20. RavenTrunks

    2nd sig ever created.

    this is my 2nd one Keep in mind im extremly new to photoshop. And i know iyts not the greatest...