1. S

    W.I.P. 2nd Time with Ms3d eva :P

    What you think about dat =?
  2. imkongkong

    new 2nd form frieza

    i think it's a nice model for frieza two, but i'd like to discuss the model and give my crits anyways the frieza looks nice, he looks pretty big, but somethings are buggin me a little bit the shoulders shouldn't be sticking out so much, they were more shaped as if they were his deltoid...
  3. Hash

    2nd crack at a wallpaper

    Well I fired up photoshop today, and tried making a wallpaper once again. I know it sorta looks like my last one (If anyone remembers it), but i'm not used to making things so big, and I find it hard to fill up all the space. Anyways, enough blabbering, any critz and comments are appreciated...
  4. R

    Lilde Model 2nd Form

    Can somebody make a Lilde model in 2nd Form ? (Liquid Metal)
  5. JTR

    2nd Brush sig

    My 2nd bursh sig... Just played with a lil blend and colors... What do U think?? C&C...
  6. S

    My 2nd Sig Creation Attempt

    Well i rarley see anyone with a kagome sig anywhere so i decided to try and make one myself and this is how it came out. C&C Are obviously Welcome and needed ^^.
  7. davidhalo

    Digimon 3d Test - 2nd Model

    I have no idea who this character is from digimon but I found a model sheet and figured I should try and do a 2nd model. Near 2100 poly's. I know it's not that great and all but be gentle, its my 2nd model using the poly by poly method.Took me 2 hours on and off No skin yet, not thinking of...
  8. Majin|SS2

    my 2nd model

    hi guys this is my 2nd model it´s a battle damage Majin Vegeta c & c -cYa l8er
  9. S

    WALLPAPER (my 2nd)

    This is my 2nd wallpaper, anyone got any ways I can improve it? Oh and you wont really appreciate it unless you watch naruto.
  10. T

    Best 2nd form ?

    SSJ Vegeta, and that's very true
  11. T

    Best 2nd form ?

    1. Evil Buu 2. SSJ Goku 3. SSJ Gohan 4. Mystic Krillin 5. Frieza Form 2 6. Powered Up Piccolo 7. SSJ Trunks 8. SSJ Vegeta 9. Cell Form 2
  12. JTR

    Edit of my 2nd sig....

    I made and avatar and I think my old sig didnt match... Avatar: Old sig: And then I edited it a little.. What do U think?? I think the bg is a little to much... Gonna experience with that later... C&C plz... JTR
  13. S

    isnt there a 2nd video for esf 1.2

    isnt there a 2nd video for esf 1.2 like the party thing or something, but i cant find it... can someone tell me where it is
  14. A

    2nd Naruto sig

    Well here it is i need to see if it's good or not, I just need to add the names! how is it all?
  15. Enix

    2nd goku reskin attempt

    umm, well my first one sucked big time, so i redid it, and i need a host to release it, this one is alot better and i used my best host so you get to see what it really looks like, so here it is: Credits: Model: Vassago Original Skin: Vassago
  16. I

    2nd try at PSP sig

    I'm still not gonna head to tuts, so this was all guess work. I'm having some trouble trying to get transparency on .png files, because what's transparent, is blue? So i left that out for now, or is there a better format for images that supports transparancy? Well anyway... how much better...
  17. SSJ4boneVegeta

    2nd transformations & more characters COMING SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope this works. The only reason why they don't put 2nd transformation and more characters is because we don't have enough memory. They say we need 128mb around or more. Well most of us have 256 not to mention ddr. Besides we're dedicated fans, we will go out and buy some more. It's not...
  18. Enix

    2nd naruto sig.

    i made a new naruto sig, hope you like it. <p>
  19. W

    2nd Sig

    Well im starting to get use to PSP5 so here is my 2nd gonna try adding pics ect ect later anyways Critz or help are welcome dont mind [Crappy IMG qualty] -War_Star
  20. Enix

    my 2nd sig

    this is my second signature, tell me what you think: <img src="http://members.aol.com:/neoboy448/sig2">