The Channels

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The public Discord Channels:
  • #welcome-room: A reminder of all the rules and information.
  • #frequent-questions: Some most asked questions answered here.
  • #news-and-updates: All the latest news is shown here. Including all media updates.
  • #general-chit-chat: The general chit chat goes here! Embed / File uploads have been disabled to prevent spam.
  • #support-and-stuff: For all support and mod/script related subjects.
  • #gaming-corner: For anything gaming related.
  • #freebies: Free games are mentioned here, keep an eye out!
  • #al-la-spam-ish: For anything that doesn't go into the other channels.
  • #foodpr0nz: For all your food needs, upload your food images here!
  • #mr-satans-playground: Casino!
  • #the-spoilerees For all spoiler related content.
  • #artsy-fartsy Showcase your own art and get critique.
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    Feb 14, 2020
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