The Rules

All the rules, in 1 place.
  • Flaming, racially or religiously slurring, attacking, or swearing at others is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action.

  • Images or links to inappropriate or adult material (such as pornography and hentai) will not be tolerated.

  • Advertising/self-promotion is not allowed. This includes through private message.

  • Speak English, please. We all have to understand each other.

  • Do not spam messages and avoid multi-line chatting, for example condense your thought in a single message instead of writing the same sentence in multiple messages.

  • All spoilers will only be posted in #the-spoilerees channel. Do not place spoilers anywhere else!

  • People with moderating powers are always right. This is not a democracy and arguing about a moderator's decision is pointless.

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    Feb 14, 2020
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