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    A Merry Christmas to everyone!~

    merry christmas to everybody and have a happy new year =D
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    trunks is weak

    whens the beta comming out?!?! i cna't wait any more omgogmg om come out dammit... :cry:
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    Next ESF patch: More beams, less melee!

    well guys... you know what i think. i think it should be left the way it is because. from reading this thread form first page to last page. ppl like melee, and they like ki attacks... like 50/50 and the game right now is 50/50. i've nevr seen everybody use melee. or everybody just use ki atacks...
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    every time play dbz game in internet always got boot out of window ?? who can help me

    1. change the name of the autoexec.cfg to 1.cfg 2. open up config.cfg with wordpad 3. find the place where it says bind F3 "something" 4. change the something to exec 1.cfg in " "s 5. open up esf 6. press F3 7. does it work now? 8. if it dosn't i donno what the problem is.o_o
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    Raditz Petition!

    i don't get it... where do you get all the infromation for beta 1.1??!!! i can't find it anywhere. i think im blind...O_O
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    Aiming after meleeing

    i agree! 2 cheap makes it too easy to kill ppl.:S
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    alright sorry :cry:
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    Damn cool picture

    HOLY!!!!!!! that is so freaking cOol omg omgogmgogmgo im gonna get one like that :yes: :yes:
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    BUU's Cookie Attack Gives Health!!!

    what?!?! i've never seen it happen before... well give us a screenshot or something so we know your not joking around lol j/k j/k but it would be nice if you really did:rolleyes:
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    bug ? ore is it me ?

    and you shoud also delete the esf folder. cus the uninstaller don't uninstall everything.
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    ESF Totally messes up computer. Help immediately please!!!

    good for you. have a merry christmas :p
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    Played on LAN now, found what I think are bugs

    jeese.... no wonder i alwys go for ppl that are chargin up. sometimes it works for noobs. someitmes it dun work and i end up getting hit back again. but i have a counter-stratigy aginst that ;) and i think teleporting rocks... good to make a sneek attack ;D
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    whats so good about that mod. it's so.... dud.. all it has is better graphics. the gameplay is not better than esf. and anyways. esf is comming out with a new update. and there will be better graphics. this mod just rocks the world. im so in it i can't get out!! pplz duel me i suck! i need...
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    yeah i agree... but hey this mod rocks and it's better than dbzmod which i think is really dum with the *** combo keys and ****... so dum!
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    New clan [DC]

    aww man.. im oready in a clan... :'( but can i still join? LOL!