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    sig w/ flash

    slow the animation of the head turning to his right down, this goes to fast. furtermore it looks a bit simple,i dont really like it that much >_>
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    since im bored

    meh, guess im the only one who really likes it :P your sigs and BG's always look verry simple, and thats most of the time the reason i like yours the most when i compare to all other sigs in this board. the pictures you use in the sigs are also most of the time of verry high quality, and also...
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    SOHL! flash

    that is nice :O only i guess using a little more frames could be usefull, the animation is a little shockwave like. the drawing part is verry nice to, as always from you :p gj!
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    Sketch Thread? ;0 (big pics!)

    hmm,.. i dont really have inspiration anymore these days, i got a bit yesterday, and decided to draw a picture, half way done i didint felt like drawing anymore and lost inspiration, this is wat i made of it:
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    thundercat refferances

    ow, srry, i dint knew that he doesnt do those things anymore these days.
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    thundercat refferances

    may-b a good artist like david is up to it,but they are real busy these days, why don't you give it a try yourself, you draw, dont you? offtopic: ik ben een worm in de appel van satan?? wtf die snap ik niet <--- ( i dont understand that )
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    what kind of cell phone do you have..

    nokia 6600 , my bro's old fone cuz my Sony Ericsson t610's navigation stick broke >_>
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    Trunks- Drawn in class

    i like the drawing, but the drawover bile did gave me a feeling that said, hey, thats trunks :P i know that growlers drawing is the same one, but his facial features arnt really recognizeble <-- or however you spell that. offtopic: sword master, if you want C&C for your pic, then start your...
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    Most Advanced Civilization?

    The netherlands , since we are the only ones that see that we shud legalize!
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    When do YOU think 1.3 will be out?

    1,3 wil come out when its done >_> thats what i voted, but if i have to be serious, id say, july-december 2006, cuz i think it wil release in august or september O_o
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    happy newyear dudes... last night was sick >< i got home at 6:15 this morning ... hope u guys had fun to.
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    esf forum members of 2005

    nooo, i'm not in the mural :( hey, well atleast i am in the original of dudeman ^^ this one looks pretty nice, i like the idea, did u come up with the concept yourself or did you see dudeman's?
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    Anatomy books?

    Dynamic Anatomy by Burne Hogarth. great book :O i bought i a long long time ago and i stil didint finish it :P i shud start drawing again.. ><
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    If you could plan your death...

    the way id like to die is a natural death after a good happy, full of parteh's, awesome life.
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    Pimpin' for Philippe

    hmm that looks pretty nice :O at first b4 reading the text i thought you might have drawn it, but that isnt the case :p well, i like it , its a bit sloppy, but i guess thats the liqour kicking in :) i don't know why, but i like the face the most, it just gives this "anime feeling" to me :). i...