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    [Old PotW] Piccolo in ice world

    For this map, all characters should have frosty breath. The girls, will need visibly hardened nipples.
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    "History of Trunks" Gohan Model

    I think you're talking about the version with the one arm. It was made from an edit of that one guy's Goku model. I can't remember who made it ... but he made good models. I believe people made a lot of battle-damaged models out his one Goku, and often used its body for Gohan. Maybe it was Smo...
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    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Your wish is granted. And judging by the wish, you have some admiration for Grega, or it would seem. So then, as a token of the Dragon's respect, he's meticulously designed your wish, and it would have dream sequences of you and Grega caught up in a very long and passionate love affair; in which...
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    Dragon Ball - Episode of Bardock The Manga

    Dragon Ball Heroes is a videogame.
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    Andy Whitfield dies of Lymphoma

    This actually came as a big shock to me. Before I read the article yesterday, I started judging the guy, thinking that I would probably read that he was involved in a drunk-driving accident or a drug overdose, as that's become a popular way for young people to go out. I judged him before I read...
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    Zeonix, will you marry me?

    Is it over?
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    Piccolo Render

    You guys are making near-flawless models all of the sudden, it would seem. I had also wondered about character-size difference ... Judging by these pictures, he looks to be close to or the same size as Vegeta. I would be nice to see the two in a shot side by side to get a better idea.
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    MMO Character Showboating Thread

    I keep forgetting to take screenshots.
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    [Guide] How to play the Dragonball Online MMO!

    I've only been partly interested in the DB MMO, even since I first got wind of it; I'm not a fan of the style they decided to go with for it, as it looks like every other free Korean MMO, IMO. Just out of curiosity, and to those who have tried it, how are the hairstyles, is there one of each...
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    [Old PotW] CHIDORI!

    "Chidori". Blasphemy!
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    Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

    Street Fighter only has a couple titles, and only one of them did exceptionally well. All of the DBZ games combined have sold around 30 million, and Street Fighter 24 million. But... I've researched this stuff probably a lot longer than you have, so I have reliable source, and it's that 12...
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    Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

    Such bull****. Bandai Namco = terrible company. What I don't get is it's taken over 11 years to actually bring about the word "innovation", and when they do... this is all they've come up with? A Tenkaichi sequel with some new camera work. Sadly, this franchise (the game one), has become...
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    Internet Genius Knows what you are Thinking

    I never had a chance to try more, the site kept going down. Lame. I was surprised how it guessed Vegeta in under 10..rather general and/or not-very-specific questions. (I bet this thing tracks your web history the second you enter the site).
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    Weird Als new album

    Speaking of Gaga, I thought her Bulma-esque cosplay was pretty neat. That's all I will give her props for though.
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    Peter Falk("Columbo") died

    I liked this guy. But I'm pretty surprised no one's posted about Ryan Dunn yet.