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    Mech.. mod?

    The amount of NPC's we added made it a bit tricky to run sadly. Also, not enough bloom imo
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    why am i no longer a force pitter?

    addeh addeh smellybum. lets get back to magicka!
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    Darth Revan - Image heavy...

    your welcome
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    It's free, IT'S FINALLY FREEEEEE!!!

    I'd feel left out if i didn't >:
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    It's free, IT'S FINALLY FREEEEEE!!!

    While taken at face value most people will agree it's an odd one to restrict specs. However once you look at the overall game you have almost all the core game content and full capacity to level and enjoy the game without spending a penny. the custom archetypes function as the lynchpin for...
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 9/19/10

    lolz, good to see you so eager to work with your team again
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    The Tester Round 3

    Somehow i feel the weirdness of the competition has been covered before It's a necessary evil in most cases for getting a foot on the development ladder, but a competition for it? where's customer service hero or shelf stacking idol!
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    Natural Selection 2 Alpha Date Set - Last Chance to Pre-Order the Special Edition

    NS was an awesome game and having so many hours spent enjoying the fruits of their labour, i'd have brought the next instalment regardless. the fact they've taken one of the most difficult and complex approaches to produce such a game and succeeded is even better! from my perspective the fact...
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    dragonball tactics

    The problem is your waving a blank piece of paper as your project and expecting people to commit to it. the idea of a website in these kind of situations is to outline your goals, ideas, concepts and skillbase currenty in on the project such that people who are looking for a decent project...
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    You dirty, dirty lurker you!
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    Finally, a proper MMO

    Looks pretty epic for an alpha two years in development
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    Your Desktop

    I've recently changed the way i do my wallpapers after having a similar setup on my iphone. it's more fun when you keep splicing bits onto the shelves in synergy with new installs as you continue over time!
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    Pop music: the good, the bad and the in between

    I'm not so sure about the zune ever since my brother got through two of them in a year, always was more in the zen fanclub. There's also the iaudio models, and i find the archos ones good (Being able to read pdfs too? yay!) while better in functionality, i suppose that's down to personal opnion...
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    Pop music: the good, the bad and the in between

    Why do people buy an ipod for heaps more money when equivalent and more practical alternatives are on the market for less? Logos and popularity! Intangable assets! and the same can be related to drossy pop music flooding todays charts. The average musically redundant person gracing our...
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    sharing the love thats all!

    sharing the love thats all!