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    I CANT MOVE!!!!

    yah..Ok what u told me helped..i ended up just reinstalling everything.... and its working know.. THx :D
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    I CANT MOVE!!!!

    OKOK...Every tiem i get into a esf Game I cant DO anything but move my mouse around and look.. i cant move left or right i cant switch if i want ot do a melee attack or spirit bomb.. i and the mouse keys wont work... i asked soembody in the server and they said that i had to copy some config...
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    we need more ESF servers for STEAM

    uhhh yah.. i dont see the riced server up on my server list.. can anybody give me the ip to the server so i can connect direclty <3 :D
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    ESF to Steam

    OKOK I get teh same!! exact problem that skyrider is getting it says the same ting abou tmy steam iD thingy then it says 34 at the end.. and i only see onE server up.. i dont know if it's just that server or Wut.. but yah any thing that could help me with this problem would be appreciated
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    AnY servErs For STEAM???

    yah does anybody know if there are gonna be any servers for STEAM????...IVe seen one server up but every time i try to get into it it says something abour rejecting my STEAMid...i dont know.. :D
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    cl_client dll thingy D:

    hey man, thanks a lot :D
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    cl_client dll thingy D:

    Is that problem occuring because idont have the 1.1 beta patch?..cause i just reinstalled beta 1.0 into my Program files/Steam/Steamapps/, then the 1.1 patch in teh same place.. :D and i opend steam and got it to go..i just created my own server and...
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    cl_client dll thingy D:

    OK...I just reinstalled ESF a about 3 days aGo and ive had teh setup program 4 a while now....and now every time i try to get into a game... it says some thing about my cl_client .dll blah blah differs from others....i dont know how to fix it! i really wanna play this game again, can some body...