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    2012 US election thread - keep it civil

    Personally, I would have liked to see Ralph Nader as president.
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    Deman! How goes guy!?

    Deman! How goes guy!?
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    Bleach of the week[Spoilers allowed]

    No kidding. And the latest chapter? Everyone managed to survive except the commander? I'm having a hard time accepting anything in this arc as canon. I'm reading Bleach now just to find closure. Nothing more.
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    Elder Scrolls V has been Announced!

    That has got to be one of the greatest add-ons I've ever seen. It'll be worth the time to install and update Skyrim again. Since it's due out Dec 4, it'll be a nice early Christmas present for sure.
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    My 1st Anime Music Video!!!! that was my first (and only) DBZ AMV. The video quality is bad, the song wasn't a great choice (I did it to prove it could be done) but it has the timing and meaning people have been telling you to work on. This thing was done only with WMM, but...
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    Its legal to download Cartoon episodes right?

    I believe at one point I heard that downloading in itself is not illegeal, but uploading is. Aside from Canada that is ^_^
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    PS2 Online [Names and Games]

    forgot to mention i'm on monster hunter now, as "slayerz"
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    When pranks go wrong ;O

    own up man, better than being scared for letting him know. In 3 months you all look back and laugh
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    What the hell is wrong with Racist people?

    watch american history x; it'll give you a great understanding
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    Haha, coolest commercial ever!

    reminds me of rush hour here in the city -.-
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    Yo Momma Jokes ( Make them up here!)

    yo mamma's so fat, rosie 'o donald orbits her
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    What are you listening to right now?

    echoing green - hide
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    Let this be a lesson to all..

    to me it seemed like the guy had enough of smart assed lippy lil turdlings pitty, he should have waited for the deputy, but I would have loved to see him clock one of those brats out cold. The look on the rest of their faces would be one of enlightenment and fear...
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    Corrupt a wish

    your wish for your wish not to be granted is granted I wish kittens didn't come with claws
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    Corrupt a wish

    no ones does corrupt your wish, but instead take a bat to your monitor I wish that some people spent more time online =/