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    spirit bomb 2

    I think he should get the spirit bomb... it'd make fights between goku and cell that much more interesting because just like in the series, cell knows all of gokus tricks... cept the instant teleportation, that came after. Anyways SB (why do people write SP) isnt even THAT good... I never see...
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    Triple meha Double Meha and Kao Ken

    how about... multiple ps... that'd be cool, screw the computer generated stuff, go multi ps :D
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    Transformations.. thoughts on 1.1

    umm well... in defence of the team 1) no game could be perfect in relation to the show 2) by the time your powerlevel is high enough to go instant ssj in most cases, unless you fight just to spite me, you've transformed quite a few times, a few times at least, I assume they've become well...
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    Energy Dan

    dude, does everyone forget that trunks needs to kill like ONE person to go ssj? screw trunks! hes getting a sword! vegeta NEEDS like 2 new attacks and thats it my 2 cents :P
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    Gohan In Piccolo outfit Reskin WIP

    BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA THAT FIRST ONE IS MAKING ME LAUGH SO MUCH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA... sorry man, good try, but that is hilarious, he looks like an elf, and hes hiding his lower face... ahh man nt, but funny still lmao
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    Next ESF patch: More beams, less melee!

    Thats true, melee was used alot in dbz, but this beta doesnt have "melee" it has dropkicks :) and the person with less lag usually wins :( (as Ive found out...damn T1 people :cry: ) Yeah but my 2 cents about the beams is that it should just keep going in a line, not do a big nuclear "hiroshima"...
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    connection problem

    Theres an edit button for a reason, just a suggestion :) about your prob, do you have a firewall at all? I had to enable it to let esf connect, god that was the most annoying 2 hours of my life ever, downloaded it as soon as it came out, and stayed up to 2 in the morning just to find out that...
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    ssj trunks

    lol jesus shingi you swear alot :tired: oh well, its funny, are you really a team member? anyways I was wondering if there were any servers where the team members or such played, or if they just went to normal servers and get kicked for owning so much :rolleyes: Also meh trunks is...
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    Lack of servers...

    Hi guys, all I can find is non dedicated servers with the server guy playing which makes it really unfair for me (ever try to face a guy in hand to hand with no ping?!) anyways I was wondering if anyone here has the ip for any fast, good servers with good fighting people, I would like that very...
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    Melee good or bad you decide. (Official Melee Post)

    Yeah, esf team, I really enjoyed this game.. the first night, well I think you guys should make the hand to hand MORE complicated, or put in a 1 on 1 duel kinda thing like in jk2, because I got COMPLETELY sick of this game while trying to play ffa. *go to attack guy... hit guy, guy goes...
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    ESF BETA 1 has been released!!!

    so WHERE ARE YOU DOWNLOADING IT FROM!? (really pissed)
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    ESF BETA 1 has been released!!!

    uhhuh.. and where did you get it (pissed that beta didnt come out even remotely close to when they said it would)
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    Download Accelerators

    crap, I hope a fast link lets me use it, otherwise Im screwed! thanks for the help hibiki, I commend ye on your efforts to deal with all this spam... damn immature people cant wait a few extra 40 mins to get it... (nervous foot twitch waiting for beta) lol jk thanks tho man
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    Download Accelerators

    well I have a router, and unfortunately it disconnects me alot while I attempt to download stuff, liek for example i had to download that beta demo twice just cause it screwed up on the last .2 megs ;( but I was wondering if download accelerators will work for downloading the demo, its really...
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    How'd they make the esf trailer

    holy... nice man (high fives) lol I owe you :D thx :tired: