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    Actor Likeness Critique: Low Poly Model for an Older Game

    id bring the eyes in, and flatten the face from the side profile. I think that would kill alot of that alien eye look in the quarter view
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    I take ESF Models requests

    you know i was a moderator here for a long time, was removed because i tend to disappear for years at random. While i do appreciate seeing my credits rule still being upholded, You wont hurt my feelings if you make an exception for Smos work. Anything we can do to annoy that clown is worth the...
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    Spider-man may soon be an Avenger

    theres a lot of avengers that didnt make the cut, seriously i would love to see them attempt to throw two gun kid in there. casted my matthew mcconaughey of course
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    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    so i found out im gonna be a dad, i figured id take one last picture of me and my lovechildren before the real one gets here.
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    i can vouch for one hiccup on the tien project, a model was completed and textured. But the animation rig was released with 2 different skeletons, none of my animations were cross compatible with the other one. Im no darktooth, i cant make myself animate 50+ animations over
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    i will admit the part of the story pertaining to sorceresses and whatnot was pretty weak, but the story if the individual characters themselves seemed more human. clouds concerns were saving the world, and few of the characters were really big enough in the game to care about them. Squall just...
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    Android 16 Wip tips

    im gonna hop on my soapbox here, Making your own model is fine, its great. I fought for a long time here to encourage people to make their own content instead of modifying existing models. This? falls in a gray area in the middle. Using someone elses concept and 3d model as a basis for...
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    Air Dog - Your personal cameradrone

    i wonder how loud the motors are, could someone inside a bedroom hear it through the window?
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    Air Dog - Your personal cameradrone

    there's always that guy
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    Zelda Wii U

    celshading or realism, you cant have both /shakes head. it wouldve looked better with the twilight princess normal esque lighting. I dont give a crap if they call it a "style", its laziness. It worked on windwaker because it was cartoonish, it looks horrendous grown up. Its just a scapegoat for...
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    Naruto of the Week[Spoilers Allowed]

    sasuke and naruto will fight when its over, naruto wont want to. Sasuke will insist it must be done because of "reasons". naruto will hesitate but do it if thats what sasuke wants because of typical anime bullcrap. Sasuke will win the fight, but not be able to kill naruto because he finally...
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    I was such an idiot

    in my early days I had bickered with every member of the esf modelling sections moderators and eventually had cucumba intervene and try to keep the peace. never wouldve thought id have been the one moderating the place for a 3-4 year stretch **edit HOLY SHIT THREAD NECROMANCY
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    Vegeta W.I.P.

    yeah the moderators round these parts i hear can be real arseholes about stuff like that.
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    Unique hobbies?

    hey hey, yours may cost more and look cooler. But for hog hunting ill pick the one that shoots the larger bullet :P
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    Unique hobbies?

    I shoot stuff