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    rip-off and why the "October 2004" ?? oO Every1 can make that :p so can I
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    oh my gosh i suck! :P

    HEY YOU'RE REALLY GOOD !!! If I wouldn't know better, I'd say your the co-worker who made Chin Chan :D but the beam could do better O_o it looks like ... it looks like a flower, or a penus which is amputated and 2 balls were added. but i's pretty neat :)
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    Just another drawing

    nicely done, even though she doesnt have a nose, but thats normal for this genre. She's a little, harmless angel, 7/10
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    it's a small mod, there are no big clans or sponsors who put time, money and effort in it to create big servers with low ping so every1 can have a jolly good time... What u said is all true, and it will stay like that :)
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    What new char's will be in ESF 1.3 ?

    buy a dictionary .... but I asume that's an insult raventrunks. Don't critisise me.
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    What new char's will be in ESF 1.3 ?

    They said a long time ago NO characters from in the MOVIES. Period.
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    Hmmpf, new stuff

    Yoyo, it's been a while (again) since I visitted this forum, the only reason is because I suck at the game. I sucked at it since the beginning of time, nah, jk, since the new melee system came, I can't seem to block anythng ... oh well, can some1 tell me what's new in the new patch 1.2.1 ?? I'm...
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    Red Arrow Player Markers

    erm .... I never saw those arrows ... EVER o_o + I have another problem, (mind if I post it here, just delete it if u do) When I get attacked, and they start there moves, I can't dodge them ... I don't see the arrows appear in the left uppercorner and if I do ... they're already red :s I don't...
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    poll of 1.3 characters

    it doesnt matter ... how much you keep telling the team you like this character sooo much, it's up to them, and they aren't gonna put every character a guy asks for in the new update. it's useless to keep posting this, coz the decisions are probably already made, and besides, it's more fun to...
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    spiderman wallpaper

    bah, outstanding, very nice, comic book effect is really neet on this wp, it just looks good.
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    Wassup guys

    heyhey, wow, this sure has been a looooooooooong time since I've been here .... hmmm a year? dunno, i've been kinda busy with skool and stuff. Almost had to double my year, close call. but now I'm back, and imma start playing again, maybe I'll go back to the hosting site, (**** I forgot the name...
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    new sig!

    kickass sig, nice
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    About the teleport after-images

    hmmm, you mean like a 'blurred' image? a hard-to-see thingy. Well, doesn't interest me that luch, as long as it's playable ;)
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    I have a question about Darktooth's Aura pack. The turbo. I searched like every ESF site but couldn't find it. He updated Darkone's. Can some1 give me a link cause I am really fed up with it, can't find it anywhere, not eveen on esf-world thanks
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    Could somebody make me a sig?

    Hey JetStream :) you don't suck, keep practicing, and it will get better. You might be better than me :) Virtigo *sigh* I have old sigs with KidBuu in it, but seems like you alread have one ;)