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    What's Your Poison?

    Drinks - Gold Strike - Ouzo - Bacardi - Tequila - Beer Other - Cannabis Sativa *im dutch so its legal here :P* - Shrooms *also legal here*
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    what dbz version do you prefer?

    I prefer the manga on this one, the american version that was displayed on tv was cool and all but once you read the manga you finaly can make more sense of dbz no plotholes and such ( well not as much ) and the story flows and not resets on every new saga completely forgetting everything that...
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    Top 3 modellers all time!

    Wonder if you guys ever saw chireru's work, he is one awesome modeler and i agree on ned being a great modeler, but not smo he could model but not as good as everyone makes him out to be
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    Rate the username above you

    Yeah where is warren ^^, no offense m8 but i don't like it 6/10
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    Tsuro, LSW Costum Character ^^

    Those a differend kind of sprites m8, every noob can make a decent ESF sprite, when you get in to modding people usely start with either editting sound or Sprites its the most easyest thing to do for modding
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    Tsuro, LSW Costum Character ^^

    Lol you call that a sprite, hilarious want to do a little contest with me to see who here can realy sprite, his boots are 10 sizes to big his hair sucks, and wtf is wrong with the effects give me one proper reason on what and how and then ill listen to your so-called criticism
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    Tsuro, LSW Costum Character ^^

    Have you ever editted a sprite if you had then you wouldn't have posted such a stupid comment, make my own stuff he says. its my own stuff, its all thought up by me no direct rips all edits, with tweaks here and there if you did this kind of thing yourself you could tell, but i guess you don't...
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    Operation Tien

    I hope Tien makes it in the mod but as things are going now then i got no clue. well but i must say if a team worked on a project at this rate, then you would have the first public alpha after 20 years :P. speed things up for crying out loud
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    Now I know why this mod is called ESF...

    Check out the big brains on Braination lol
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    Tsuro, LSW Costum Character ^^

    Yeah i think Tsuro would work out in a game, but i made it so that its *animation friendly* well anymore critz and/or comment people
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    Take THAT Music Industry!

    Quit frankly i could care less, they make millions of dollars for just holding a mic and sing while people BUILD homes with their own hands and work their ass of way harder than RECORDING a song and they get payed way less,thing is well-known artist make way to much money as it is and they...
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    Rate The Signature Above You Part III!

    Pretty nice, nice blending, cool font 8/10
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    Tsuro, LSW Costum Character ^^

    Well post the animation in here once you have made it, well peoples anymore comments ^^
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    Tsuro, LSW Costum Character ^^

    The Tsuro Thread Status: 100 % Complete Tsuro click image to view sheet Tsuro v2 *BASE POSES* click image to view sheet Tsuro v2 *MOVES* - Super Saiyan 3 Special Ultima Blast *DONE* - Zanko-Ho*DONE* - Omega Bomber *DONE* - Oozaru Fist *DONE* - Oozaru Fist Boost *DONE* -...
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    animated siggeh

    Its not to bad, but i agree with Randy, look at mine for reference ^^