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    Information Resources

    Hi all, Just a small question for all you people who seem to know a lot about computers and even more about resources to get to know about computers. I want to buy a new computer and build it myself but I am not that much into the newest developments in the hardware area so I would like to...
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    Take THAT Music Industry!

    I do not agree. Album sales went up last year like i said. There are a lot of people who value having the CD. The booklet nice graphics whatever. Or they still think it is to hard to download the stuff...That is the entire point of the principle i was trying to explain, some people would buy it...
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    Take THAT Music Industry!

    I'll will give you guys some economic theory I just learned at my unvirsity. The course was called Internet Economics. It was really interesting because it covered exactly that subject. Now the general idea was the idea of Network Externalities. Network externalities means that you get more out...
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    Maddox something or other, i dunno some jackass

    I totally agree with pineapple. Although he is really harsh and just makes it this harsh to offend people he is ****ing hilarious! And all his arguments are fool proof, most of the times it aren't the best arguments but you can't take them down. The first time i discovered his site the only...
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    FireFox and CSS

    thanx a lot that was all I needed to know. I will look into this and create a solution. Thanx!!
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    FireFox and CSS

    Could you give me a link on where you checked it because I could not find anything about it on Google or something. Thanx in advance...
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    FireFox and CSS

    No I did not do it in dreamweaver, I just used notepad, and sometimes used the references of dreamweaver and I used the first line of dreamweaver in which the doctype and stuff is declared. And I did validate the site for both HTML and CSS and both checked out perfectly! W3C says the coding of...
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    I can play guitar now???

    that was quite good, I never got that far with my guitar skills ( although I did play some Hendrix and Zeppelin but not nearly as easy and fast as this), I see you practice a lot and it sounds great. Nice guitar also, I would really like to see some more but then also in a normal position so you...
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    Ad-ware is starting to drive me nuts!

    you should use a combination of the following, it gets everything away at my place, you can download them all at - Spybot Search and Destroy (great because its free but does not find everything always....) - Adaware (the free version is quite good and gets a lot of the problems...
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    FireFox and CSS

    Hi all, I need some help, and i hope someone has enough skills to be of assistance. I have made a new layout for the site of my fraternity in Holland, and it looks normal and like I intended it in IE 6.0. I also validated it with the W3C rules for both CSS and HTML. But when I checked it...
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    Drinking And Driving

    although i totally agree with all of you that it is totally stupid to drunk or drive, I also do agree that it is stupid as hell to get in a car with someone who is drunk and going to drive. But do not forget that accidents easily happen and people getting killed in a car accident is also not...
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    kewl....gonna love this new banner...way better than the old on....congrats!!
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    your top 5 anime characters.

    1. Alucard (the guy from Hellsing, love his attitude) 2. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop, a close 2nd and also because of his attitude, and his great moves) 3. Gohan (when in school, would just love to be him, and land on top of your school and ****:P) 4. Vash the Stampede (Trigun, he just roxx...
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    The Best Song And Lyrics Ever

    like everything from incubus, especially the last album was very good, lyrics quite politically engaged and the rest of the lyrics are just cool. Rage Against the machine also has got some great lyrics.
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    Romantic Lines

    cool....gonna use those when i am annoyed...