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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

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    Star Citizen

    Can you support my game? Imma kickstart it in a min.
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    Dragonball Super Brolly (movie)

    Since we got Kale, it was good to introduce U7's version of the Saiyan. I watched the movie once but honestly it wasn't very memorable. But from what I can remember: Things I liked: Broli not being a retard only screaming "Kakarrot!" The new artstyle. Fight scenes. Things I didn't like...
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    @Skyrider sure you do? I do.
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    @Skyrider set .p-header-content { padding: 0 !important; } to get rid of unnecessary spacing above and below header image.
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    @Skyrider set .message-avatar-wrapper .message-avatar-online { left: 100% !important; }
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    PNG is a thing.
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    Whoever wants a rounded avatar, they can round it manually. That can't be done the other way around. Bring back square avatars.
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    round avatars are shit
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    @Skyrider @hleV test
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    I like the new forum

    Never thought XenForo was option since it's not free and all. Stay with this one! Just move this stupid online icon somewhere else: Also I can't edit my pre-XenForo posts.
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    ESF Dedicated Server for Linux

    Guide updated.
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    Test your reaction time! Human Benchmark!

    Still easily doing 160s/170s.
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    Why aren't you guys hosting Open Beta on torrents anymore?

    I successfully downloaded 1.3 OB like 2 weeks ago. Maybe not enough seeders at the time you tried to download?