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    Ask A Ninja... Lmao

    thats awesome
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    Team Canada? More like... Team Garbage

    im disappointed in canada and im canadian :( im disappointed because we lost mens hockey only reason i watched the Olympics
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    Another POTW by Pain & Smith!

    ouch 18 got t3h pw3ned
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    KALOnline - MMORPG (Free)

    Real Time Fight, PVP Duels, And PK Areas also, its not turn based, and it has basic fighting skills, plus Adv Skills like Powerup Attacks,etc. if you do play RavenTrucks PM me ingame iw ill give you some items, I would be a MAGE or a ARCHER to do Warriors take alittle longer to level, and...
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    KALOnline - MMORPG (Free)

    Website is back up i beleive :P, yeah about that LVL 30 Quest, like i said after lvl 20 it gets really really really slow
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    KALOnline - MMORPG (Free)

    thank you, magus :) anways if any wants to play PM me in game :P type @Then my username then your message. I WILL OWN YOU!!!!
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    KALOnline - MMORPG (Free)

    Hey Guys, I've Been playing KALOnline for about 2 weeks, pretty fun mmo, its completely free right now Little About the game, its fairly new been up for about 1 Year, 3 Classes there add more lighter Archer Mage Knight ---------------- Then there are sub...
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    Biology Man

    Very Nice Kama and GG, i will be using this when it comes out :) i cant wait to see the 1.3 PCell :) if its better then this im excited
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    Krillin WIP-ESF

    Good Job CrackerJack, looking good, cool to see you coming back into modeling and skinning keep up the good work :)
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    Ill Vote for for Pikkon because of his sweet attacks
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    One EVM + SSJ4 = Uber Non Balanced once hit 5000000PL you nuke the map so i agree with Dj Ready Off topic frsrblch's Avatar = Trailer Park Boys I = Love you AND MEGADETH Rocks
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    Kaioshin as new character.

    I have to agree with Raven, Never even heard of him doing a Finger Beam Double Finger Beam, Its a good idea but you need to work on it --- Vote = No
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    Guard (Block) Improvement

    One of the Better idea's yet, i like it. It would need some balancing but it could work. Hmm would like blocking and teleporting work at the same time?
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    I applied Good luck all of you :)
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    The Winged Scorpion [WIP]

    Agrees with Taimashu looking good so far sschris : ) keep it up love to see it skinned