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    This is pretty good
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    How about Lssj
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    My new sig

    Like Gryph said I think the text needs work too.
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    Can someone make me a signature please. That says esfman on the top right ssj5 broly somewhere like this YouTube - SSJ5 Broly (awesome pic!) DBAF (Dragonball AF). :)
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    If Brolly was in the game I would pick him. But right now I say Goku.
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    Thank you! »»»»»»»»»»»«««««««««««« AutoMerged DoublePost »»»»»»»»»»»«««««««««««« Thank you it works! »»»»»»»»»»»«««««««««««« AutoMerged DoublePost »»»»»»»»»»»«««««««««««« Sorry about double post
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    esf 1.3 tralier

    Man I get alot of the old stuff.
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    esf 1.3 tralier

    Here is the esf 1.3 trailer YouTube - ESF 1.3 trailer
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    [Riced] and other old schoolers - still around?

    This is how I found esf I was on youtube looking on videos about Mugen the 2d fighting game that you can add stages and chars. One day I saw a esf video I was amazed so I got it right away.
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    Can someone show me a tutorial for powerlevel changer for openbeta 1.3. I want to test out ssj.
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    long time?

    If you want to help around everybody and spot bugs just get openbeta. If you want to play for fun just play esf 1.2.3. If you want the final version of 1.3 here it is;85300
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    I have a little suggestion. How about a little storyline all the way till you get to Cell. There are certain forms you have to play as. Like ssj Goku vs Frieza.
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    Turbo bug

    In the chirstmas realese it does it on goku only. I forgot to tell you.
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    Fighting Positions

    That movie was kinda cool.
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    Turbo bug

    when you charge up turbo you dont move a inch