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    A question about the Console

    Hi I'm just playing with bots at the moment because I lag too much for an online game (curse you dialup) but anyway is there any Console command to boost my power level?
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    Beamer's Corner

    I dont really have a fav beam other than the almighty kiblast and the blob that comes with it. It's great when you manage to make a blob around someone just before they fire a what i'll call an SB (super beam) like the Kame or the SBC and they kill themselves
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    ESF Downloads

    slightly a bit off-topic but my bots dont seem to be doing anything other than firing the a gen beam every half hour have i missed something or am i using the wrong bot?
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    l Challenge U

    Well most arrogent people are all talk and I'm guessing your most likely the same. Off-Topic now but if anyone is in Australia I'd like to challenge someone. I did try to join the USEast server last week but I lagged really badly and that was at an LAN center with broadband (then again there...
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    Some mistakes players can make

    k that maybe true but cmon have you seen a disk spammer do anything other than have some 1337 guy pwn him cause he's a 14m3r? (damn that hacker talk is cool)
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    who's the best character

    I would say I like Vegeta now the ENOUGH YOU WILL NOT MAKE A FOOL OF ME just owns. But whats so good bout Gohan's Melee isnt it exactly the same??? still to use piccolo and Krillin (I dont like bald people) but to date I haven't ever seen a Krillin player at the LAN other than a n00b Disk spammer.
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    Some mistakes players can make

    Okay I thought that I would try to help out some beginners/average people in this game with some helpful advice Note: Author (me) is not an 1337 master who can pwn everyone on a server 1: Always keep your KI high. You run out of KI and your basically dead 2:Never Ever EVER EVER DISK...
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    who's the best character

    as lots of people before me have said it depends on your style. Buu has some great attacks (mouth blast, candy ray), good strength but I dont like his 2nd form. I personally prefer the saiyans myself though I haven't used Vegeta or Goku yet though so technically I prefer the Half-Saiyans. I...
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    Transformation Attacking

    IMHO in this game everything is fair (well except for the SBC). They are trying to become stronger and u are trying to stop them like in lets say um..... a game I have played Jedi Knight 2 if someone is getting all the ammo and killing all the people with the rocket launcher (very hard to do...
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    Well if its attached Piccolo wont exactly be Mr. Cheap anyone (sorry didnt see the attached in 1.2 thing)
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    Good grief seriously dont any of u know how cheap SBC is? Well Checkplease sorta did but all u need to do is do a PS (or is it the beam one BS) with someone then while they are BS/PSing sidestep and hit them with another one on the side. And Destructo Disk cheap? Its only cheap if a fool hits u...
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    Age requirement

    Well I'm only 12 11.03/12 but if there are n00b kids annoying u and using lame tactics like the frieza disk I would recommend an all-out cheap war. Some ideas that spring to mind are going turbo, circling them in the air and using kiblob i think its called (the rapid fire one) so their little...
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    Yay only 7 hours and 55 mins till I get ESF

    A DL manager HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (I like dramatising (sp))
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    Just an idea (maybe wrong board)

    For poor 56k users like me who cant DL from one of the servers u listed (timed out 71%) maybe u could put ESF in 10mb DLs because leaving on the internet over night for nothing is REALLY annoying
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    What was your most annoying ESF moment?

    okay I have a new one to add last night I was dling ESF Beta 1.1 from Aus gamers and when I woke up it had timed out on 71%. Man I wish someone on Kazaa had ESF it so I could dl that a bit at a time like with CS 1.5 (Life is hard with a 56k)