Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune

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Sep 8, 2002
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It's been a great while since I have been to an arcade, and for many reasons.

(1) The racing games, despite the eye candy, suck!

(2) The fighting games are hard...because it's difficult to button mash :p

(3) If they have VIRTUAL ON it is always broken

However, my new college friends got me to come with them to the arcade last weekend and I was still unimpressed.

I was especially disapointed in The STREET FIGHTER game they had SUCKED! Only 3 characters I remembered.

However, all they played was this game called Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune. Now, I am a fan of street racing n such, but have never found a game that has caught my interest. This game was different.

It isn't realistic (no car damage) but DAMN it sure is fun! Especially if you purchase a card for 4 extra tokens. It saves your car stats, race stats, name, title, etc... which got me addicted lol.

Now my friends and I are planning on heading to Indianapolis for the weekend to play the Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 2 machine at a local arcade there.

Anyone else addicted?



Its essentially the Initial D: Arcade Stage game for people who prefer open road racing to Touge.

The physics are far better than Initial D and I love the slick 6 speed shifter. I've been playing it for the while at the arcade near my house and it's gotten me hooked aswell.

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