1. Baaja

    Get in! Help me find a dubstep tune...

    Hey guys, don't know where to go, but here, because I've already searched the whole wide web in search of this really dirty and massive bass dubstep song. I heard it two weeks ago when I was out clubbing, and I also heard it briefly yesterday. Need your help now guys! :) I sounds a lot like...
  2. Mr. Satans

    Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune

    It's been a great while since I have been to an arcade, and for many reasons. (1) The racing games, despite the eye candy, suck! (2) The fighting games are hard...because it's difficult to button mash :P (3) If they have VIRTUAL ON it is always broken However, my new college...
  3. A

    Favourite Tune from the 80s

    I have ALOT but the one I'm listening to right now is. Men without Hats - Safety Dance
  4. B0Bmaster40000

    Immortal - Coming soon!

    <center> More than what it appears to be, this arena is not for the faint-hearted -- or the tamer computers. The size will push the limits of Hammer. The detail will challenge your 3D card. The game-play will put your l33tness to the test. B0B_Immortal Coming soon! Can you handle...
  5. E

    modeling shhh

    how much would i have to payu esf guys to teach me how to use milkshape 3d :P *dont move to mdeling section lmao*
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